Return my company car

Is it almost time to return your vehicle?

You can download a checklist with all the relevant information to ensure that the vehicle return process goes smoothly.

This is how to prepare for returning your vehicle:

1. Inform your fleet manager. Discuss the return of your vehicle with your fleet manager beforehand so that they can inform us. You can find out exactly when the lease contract expires from your fleet manager or the LeasePlan customer service team.

2. Arrange a pick-up date. Our logistics service provider will call you to arrange a pick-up date on or soon after the agreed return date. It isn’t possible to schedule a pick-up date before that for organisational reasons.

3. Clean the inside and outside of the car. Please return the car with a clean interior and exterior so that we can perform the vehicle valuation.

4. Check how much fuel is in the vehicle. There should be enough fuel in the tank for at least 100 km.

5. Check the vehicle documents.  The vehicle registration certificate (Fahrzeugschein/Zulassungsbescheinigung) Part 1 (ZB1) is essential for vehicle de-registration. If you have lost it, please inform us at the following number/e-mail address: Phone: +49 211 58640 705 (available Mon. - Thurs. 08:00 - 17:00 and Fri. 08:00 - 15:00)  or e-mail:

6. Deactivate private vehicle apps. Permanently deactivate any private vehicle apps that you use before the vehicle’s return.

7. Deactivate your fuel cards. Do not hand over your fuel cards to the forwarding agent. Deactivate the cards before the vehicle is returned by cutting them in half through the magnetic strip.

8. Make sure that all items are returned with the vehicle.   Ensure that no items are missing when the vehicle is picked up because we will have to invoice you for any missing items. Unfortunately, we cannot accept items that are sent to us after the pick-up date. The following items must be returned with the vehicle:

  • All vehicle keys, including second and third keys
  • All sets of wheels (summer/winter) included in the lease contract. When the vehicle is returned place spare tyres (including rims), properly packed and on a suitable protective underlay, into the boot. If there is not enough space in the boot, fold down the rear seat. When you place wheels inside the vehicle or in the boot, ensure that they are properly secured. Protect the vehicle’s interior trim and upholstery by putting the wheels or tyres in a protective cover and use additional padding such as cardboard to prevent any damage to seats or door panels and avoid additional charges. Winter tyres with rims must always be returned if they are included in the lease contract.
  • Remote controls, including the remote control for the auxiliary heater
  • Partition net
  • Luggage compartment cover
  • Charging cables
  • Navigation CD/DVD/SD

Please place the up-to-date service booklet, operating manual and vehicle registration certificate Part 1 (ZB1) in clear view on the passenger seat on the day of pick-up. You are not permitted to remove radio or phone antennas. We accept no liability for private property left inside the vehicle. Please make sure you remove all personal items before it is picked up.

9. Hand over the vehicle. You or a person authorised by your fleet manager inspect the vehicle with the forwarding agent that picks the vehicle up. Then both persons sign the vehicle return document and our forwarding agent takes the vehicle to a logistics centre, where it is inspected by an independent appraiser.

What happens after my vehicle return?

Our forwarding agent takes the vehicle to a logistics centre, where it is inspected by an independent appraiser. The vehicle is assessed for fair wear & tear and other damage in accordance with TÜV Nord Cert GmbH’s certified international 'Fair Wear & Tear' standard.

You can download our vehicle appraisal guidelines here: Fair Wear & Tear Standard cars (PDF) Fair Wear & Tear standard LCVs (PDF)

Would you like to buy the vehicle rather than return it?

If you would like to purchase your vehicle at the end of the lease you can submit a purchase price request.

Any questions?

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