Fleet software

Fleet software - optimise your fleet by mouse click

With our fleet software you can initiate all kinds of fleet processes by mouse click. This simplification makes an important contribution to fleet cost minimisation. The advantage of LeasePlan's standardised electronic processes is that they were developed by us, as an outsourcing service provider, to meet your needs. That’s why they are optimally tailored to the daily workflows between you, us and other service providers.

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e-Manager – the fleet management software

You can use e-Manager to take care of all your daily administrative tasks online, from new vehicle costing and electronic orders to mileage updates or rental car reservations and driver administration. All customer-specific data are stored in e-Manager.

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My Fleet for online cost control

My Fleet helps you to keep your fleet costs transparent. My Fleet performs cost situation checks and analyses for your fleet on the basis of all the cost details. All data can be exported and processed by mouse click.

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e-Driver – the online configurator for your drivers

e-Driver helps your drivers to find their company car. Based on your car policy, which is stored in the program the driver can choose his or her own model and accessories - which has a positive effect on employee motivation.


e-Papers & e-Papers Plus – the virtual vehicle files

Have you had enough of filing chaos? e-Papers is our tool for paper-free vehicle file management. We store all the documents for every single company car on a server for you. All data is stored in compliance with the strictest data protection requirements.

If you want to add your own documents to the virtual vehicle file so that all your processes are digitised, you can opt for our flexible add-on module e-Papers Plus. With e-Papers Plus you can add any kind type of document to the file. You can also define which data LeasePlan can read, and which it can’t.

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