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For more than 50 years now we have been setting standards as one of the leading independent vehicle leasing and fleet management companies in the world. We have approximately 1.9 million vehicles under management in over 30 countries, including almost 120,000 vehicles in Germany.

In Germany we currently have around 520 staff at our headquarters in Düsseldorf and our branch offices in Hamburg, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Munich and Berlin.

What’s next?

In a rapidly changing world of mobility one thing remains constant: people love cars. We save time and money for our customers with innovative service concepts, sustainable solutions and unconventional ideas. And we are committed to honesty and quality both within and outside our organisation.

Further information about our company

Our corporate culture

LeasePlan’s core values are respect, passion, expertise and commitment. By living up to these values every day we strive to surpass our customers’ expectations.

We want to ensure that our employees feel at home working for LeasePlan, and that they can develop to their full potential, so it’s important that they can identify with our corporate culture. Our culture promotes a spirit of openness and transparency, as well as impartiality and honesty in expressing opinions. Our regular employee surveys and the resulting feedback enable us to continuously improve our workplace conditions and work processes.

Our core values of respect, passion, expertise and commitment play an important role in our everyday work. They help us to remain committed to credibility and fairness, guide us in our work relationships and motivate us to work towards our common objective of achieving the best possible outcome for our internal and external customers.

Achieving our objectives together

We follow these principles at the workplace so that we can be successful in business, but also with the following objectives:

  • To create a happy and healthy work environment
  • To instil a sense of responsibility
  • To foster creativity and encourage people to contribute their own ideas
  • To promote special strengths

We also encourage professionalism and cultivate positive and respectful interpersonal relationships to help us achieve them.

There are some great career opportunities at LeasePlan! We employ experts in many different disciplines. All of them share the objective of delivering the best possible vehicle leasing and fleet management experience to our customers. Our employees are innovative solution finders. We reward them by offering them the opportunity to learn many new things in vocational training or project scenarios – including international projects – and by providing exciting opportunities for them to participate in interdisciplinary teamwork.


Our organisation benefits from the diversity of the people who work for us. Teams that unite different skill sets, experiences and opinions make better decisions and perform better. That’s why we support diversity in all its manifestations.

Corporate social responsibility

We strive to achieve maximum integrity, honesty, fairness, reliability and social responsibility in everything we do.

In addition to the responsibility we assume for our employees, we have committed to corporate governance practices that are in line with socially responsible and environmentally sustainable principles. Reflecting this, LeasePlan Germany has been actively supporting the Diakonie Düsseldorf organisation’s work with young people for many years now.

More about our CSR activities

Employee benefits

Work is an important part of our lives, but only a part. Only employees with a good work-life balance achieve excellence. That’s why we offer fair performance-based pay, flexible working hours and a comprehensive package of personal benefits to make sure that our people feel good in their jobs.

Our comprehensive range of benefits

    Work/life balance
    • Flexitime and mobile working
    • 30 days of holiday leave
    • Working life time accounts/sabbaticals
    • Subsidisation of gym membership, courses (e.g. yoga, back exercise courses) and in-house massage service
    • Ergonomic workplaces
    • Preventive medicine (e.g. health days, flu jabs, G37 eye examination)
    • Company pension scheme
    • Occupational disability insurance policy
    • Supplementary health insurance
    Food and beverages
    • Barista bar at the headquarters in Düsseldorf
    • Free hot and cold beverages, food allowances
    • Weekly fresh fruit baskets
    • Good accessibility by car and public transport
    • Public transport allowance or free parking space
    • Vehicle and bicycle leasing
    Team events
    • Employee events (summer fete, Christmas party, celebrations of achievements)
    • Collective sports activities (e.g. running group, boot camp)

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