Vehicle leasing

Our lease vehicles help keep you mobile

Switching over from an owned fleet to a leased fleet isn’t just associated with financial advantages, the leasing arrangement improves your balance sheet structure and releases tied-up capital for investment in your core business operations. At the same time, you benefit from being able to budget for constant monthly lease instalments and LeasePlan handles the sale of the vehicles so you have no residual value risk.

A lease contract generally runs for three to four years, whereas owned vehicles generally stay in the company for up to eight years. Vehicle leasing allows you to enjoy the benefits of the very latest engine technology and the associated fuel savings earlier. Newer vehicles also increase employee motivation.

We offer attractive fleet management contracts that are tailored to your specific needs.

No risk for you - with a closed-end lease The closed-end lease is the most common type of lease. We offer you this type of lease as a pure finance lease or in conjunction with services up to a full-service lease, assuming up to 100% of the risk for budgeted financing, tyres and maintenance costs.

Fifty-fifty - profit sharing under an open-calculation lease For fleets with over 25 vehicles profit sharing with an open calculation lease offers you the opportunity to recoup 50% of the surplus budgeted costs for vehicle maintenance, tyres and vehicle sale. Vice-versa, if you overrun the budgeted costs, we don't bill you for them.

Management & controlling – simple fleet management outsourcing Do you want to enjoy the benefits of outsourcing your fleet management operations without having to finance the vehicles through us? Then we recommend our management and controlling contract. We use state-of-the-art data processing technology to significantly reduce your fleet management costs.

Sale and lease-back – get a cash injection from your fleet If you’re planning investments and need liquid funds fast, our sale and lease-back arrangement is an excellent idea. We buy your vehicles and lease them back to you. Your drivers simply continue to use their cars and, at the end of the lease, our professionals sell them.

Paper-free invoicing

We offer the option of paper-free invoicing to our customers and suppliers; either electronic invoices with digital signature or data media invoices.

You benefit from the following paper-free invoice types

  • Monthly lease instalment invoices
  • Monthly cost transfer invoices for services not agreed under the lease
  • Monthly fuel invoices
  • Service invoices after the termination of a lease

Digital signature Our invoices can be immediately assigned to cost centres and business units. Using a digital signature also makes it possible for you to deduct input tax in any European country according to the German VAT Act (section 14, UStG).

Data media invoicing You can request us to send your invoices on data media. We can also provide an invoice breakdown by cost centre. The standard detailed data records have one invoice item for each vehicle and service in each billing period. Since the cost transfer invoices and fuel invoices are prepared at the same time, we can send them to you on the same data medium if you like.

Request data media invoicing on the following form:

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