About LeasePlan Deutschland

LeasePlan Germany was founded in 1973 and has since become a trusted name in vehicle leasing. In addition to its head office with a branch in Düsseldorf, LeasePlan has a presence in Hamburg, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Munich, as well as a regional office in Berlin. 530 employees provide intelligent, cost-effective solutions for fleet management, car leasing and much more for over 120,000 vehicles (as of January 2023).

We believe that a successful business is based on long-term customer relationships. No matter how many vehicles you need, we always provide the best service to move you forward.

Hand in hand with our customers– the Customer Advisory Board

LeasePlan Deutschland GmbH was the first fleet management company in Germany to set up a Customer Advisory Board to improve customer satisfaction at the end of 2011. The Customer Advisory Board makes an important contribution to LeasePlan’s development by communicating customer viewpoints, needs and requirements.

The Customer Advisory Board’s function is to advise the company on the development of key LeasePlan services. Its members represent the interests of LeasePlan’s fleet management customers. They forge a link between LeasePlan and its customers and are a source of suggestions, ideas and constructive criticism. The Customer Advisory Board informs LeasePlan about its customers’ experiences, and their experiences of the company’s image and service quality.

Through its work the Customer Advisory Board helps improve customer satisfaction and enhance LeasePlan’s public image. The Customer Advisory Board’s members are fleet management customer representatives. They are independent, honorary members who represent a cross-section of the companies that are LeasePlan’s customers. The Customer Advisory Board meets twice a year.

Doing business in a responsible way

The LeasePlan Code of Conduct explains how we must approach our business dealings. The Code of Conduct is founded on sound business ethics and respect for stakeholders and society. By setting high standards, we give our clients, suppliers and business partners the confidence to work with us.

Our Code of Conduct guides all employees to balance the interests of people, the planet and profit. When conducting business for LeasePlan, consultants, contractors, agents and joint venture partners are all expected to observe the same standards of conduct as LeasePlan employees.

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