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Managing a fleet of company cars is time-consuming and cost-intensive. Our free support services help you to reduce your daily workload and your costs. Our experts will always assist you in finding the optimum solution.

We provide competent support in the following areas:

Spot-on consultancy services for your fleet

You can take advantage of our flexible Fleet Consulting Plus and Mobility Consulting Plus services on a project basis if you aren’t one of our customers.

Is your car policy right for your company? Your car policy should always reflect your budget, employee motivation and environmental policy. We can help you to harmonise these aspects. In a car policy consultancy project we can develop a company car policy for you that optimally represents your organisation in every respect. The LeasePlan Index includes all the key fleet performance data so we can tell you the benchmark for your sector and fleet size.

We secure better purchasing terms for you We check your purchasing terms, discounts and manufacturer subsidies to identify areas where you can potentially save money. Our experts conduct negotiations on your behalf, right up to the drafting of your new master agreement. We are brand independent, so we assess your data neutrally and objectively. You also receive benchmark data on fleets of a similar size or in a similar sector.

How satisfied are your drivers? How satisfied are your company car drivers? Is there scope for improvements in your fleet? A company car user satisfaction survey can provide valuable answers to these questions and help you to identify optimisation potential. Check the performance of your outsourcing service provider and/or assess employee acceptance of fleet management activities.

Reduced costs through process optimisation Reduce your process costs and your fleet management/administrative workload. We can help you to optimise your processes in line with your company policies, taking cost, time and process aspects into account. We give you specific process optimisation recommendations that will substantially reduce your workload and costs and, at the same time, improve your process reliability.

Improve driver safety with risk management consulting Our Risk Management Consulting service provides you with information about the risk factors in your fleet. You receive a needs analysis and an individual risk management concept with proposed measures to reduce your fleet claims rate. Take the first step towards a direct and indirect reduction of damage costs. Risk Management Consulting helps you to improve your drivers’ safety.

Cut mobility costs with Mobility Consulting Plus Mobility Consulting Plus is a mobility management consultancy service that helps to identify potential synergies. All aspects of employee mobility on company business and on the journey from home to work are incorporated in our fleet consultants’ analysis. That’s why it also takes modes of transport into account that a fleet management company doesn’t usually focus on such as bicycles, planes and public transport. Reduce your mobility costs and make optimum use of scarce resources such as parking spaces with our consultancy service.

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