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As a fleet manager, you want to ensure that your vehicles are always well maintained, cost-effectively managed and that they provide an incentive for employees. Environmental protection is another important factor. LeasePlan is a service integrator that has been supporting fleet management customers for more than 60 years.

Fleet management solutions

Did you know that car fleets are one of the three main cost factors at many companies, and that fleet TCOs are far higher than vehicle procurement costs alone? Our fleet management solutions help you to save costs and ensure the long-term optimisation of your fleet.

You need the right vehicles for your company, your employees and your budget. We help you to draft a suitable car policy and to set up fleet management environment initiatives that improve your fleet’s climate footprint. As a founding member of the global EV100 initiative we are accelerating the transition to electric vehicles.

We are the right fleet management partner for you. With us

Leasing, AboCar subscription or long-term rental?

It’s the way to stay mobile.

Whether you opt for leasing, AboCar subscription or long-term rental – you have the freedom create a flexible fleet that functions as an employee incentive. To simplify your choice, we’ve included all the most important criteria in a simple table for you.

Whatever you choose, we’re here to support you with our comprehensive expertise and integrated services. Which mobility model is best for your fleet?

Our fleet management services

From purchasing the vehicles for your fleet to their sale at the end of the lease, we offer a range of contracts and services that can be tailored to your needs, whether you’re an SME or global corporation, and whether you lease or own your fleet of cars, LCVs or both.

AboCar High flexibility thanks to short leases with terms of just 6 to 24 months. [**> Discover more**](targetSelf:/en-de/fleet-management/abocar/)Rental car service Our tailored rental car service keeps your business mobile. [**> Discover more**](targetSelf:/en-de/fleet-management/rental-car/)Vehicle leasing Our customised contract types take a load off you – and your bank account. Find the right LeasePlan contract for your needs. [ **> Discover more**](targetSelf:/en-de/fleet-management/vehicle-leasing/)Electromobility You can achieve your climate goals with our expert advice and one-stop services. [**> Discover more**](targetSelf:/en-de/fleet-management/electromobility/)Light Commercial Vehicles (LCVs) Individual equipment, conversions and fit-outs, plus maximised time on the road – from LCV to heavy-duty truck. [**> Discover more**](targetSelf:/en-de/fleet-management/lcv/)Consultancy and support services You benefit from close collaboration with permanent partners and comprehensive support. [**> Discover more**](targetSelf:/en-de/fleet-management/consultancy-services/)
Fleet Consulting Plus Consultancy projects help you to make the necessary fleet optimisations, even without a lease contract. [**> Discover more**](targetSelf:/en-de/fleet-management/consultancy-services/)Fleet software Maximum mobility with minimum effort in vehicle ordering, management and termination. [**> Discover more**](targetSelf:/en-de/fleet-management/fleet-software/)Maintenance and repairs Convenient repair shop service without unnecessary costs. [**> Discover more**](targetSelf:/en-de/fleet-management/maintenance/)Tyre service Nationwide tyre service via our partner network. [**> Discover more**](targetSelf:/en-de/fleet-management/tyre-management/)Fuel card service No more receipt chaos and less administrative workload. [**> Discover more**](targetSelf:/en-de/fleet-management/fuel-management/)Claims handling service We ensure that your claims are processed quickly with no effort on your part. [**> Discover more**](targetSelf:/en-de/fleet-management/accident-claims-management/)
Insurance service Individual insurance service for your fleet covering all eventualities. [**> Discover more**](targetSelf:/en-de/fleet-management/insurance/)Driving licence checks Legal compliance with the electronic driving licence check. [**> Discover more**](targetSelf:/en-de/fleet-management/drivers-license-check/)Driver training Digital driver e-training solutions for compliance with your statutory obligations. [**> Discover more**](targetSelf:/en-de/fleet-management/electronic-driver-instruction/)Used car sales We supply you with your leased vehicle – and remarket it at the end of the lease. [**> Discover more**](targetSelf:/en-de/fleet-management/vehicle-sales/)International fleet management Harmonised services and full synergy exploitation for global mobility and international fleets. [ **> Discover more**](targetSelf:/en-de/fleet-management/international-fleet/)Salary sacrifice schemes Company cars for all? We can provide a solution that works for you. [**> Discover more**](targetSelf:/en-de/fleet-management/salary-sacrifice/)

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What our customers have to say about our fleet management services:
Frank Szittariu, Fleet Manager bei DAW SE
“Of all the various fleet management service providers, I find that the close, collaborative partnership with our LeasePlan consultant stands out most. He's always there for us and takes the time to truly understand our individual requirements to provide us with the ideal solution.”

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There are a lot of responsibilities associated with fleet management – including staying within budget, ensuring driver satisfaction and protecting the environment. Our exclusive information and useful tips help you to meet those responsibilities. > Discover more

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