Fleet management in a fast-moving world

We know what's next. In cars, in technology and in mobility. And we would like to share it with you. To keep your company moving.

Fleet management in a fast-moving world

We know what's next. In cars, in technology and in mobility. And we would like to share it with you. To keep your company moving.

We have a solution that will suit your company’s needs. Let’s discover what’s next for you. From online tools to complete sustainability programmes. We can help you a little, or a lot. It’s up to you. Enjoy the ride!

Fleet managers want to ensure their vehicles stay on the road and their fleets are being run efficiently – which is exactly what LeasePlan does for its clients. As a service integrator, we manage a wide variety of business activities in the automotive value chain.

Independently or through external partners, we do everything to enable our clients to operate a vehicle fleet. All the way from purchasing the vehicles, to remarketing them at the end of the lease contract.

So whether you’re an SME or a global operation, we have a wide range of solutions to both fit your company and suit your needs. From single vehicle leasing through to international fleet management, and from fleet insurance to programmes on corporate sustainability.

How can we support you?

Our services keep your company moving
Costs for a Fleetmanager_L

Optimising your fleet

Standardising your fleet policies Sharing best practices Making changes where needed: resulting in efficient fleet management

Cost of Driving_L

Reducing costs

Insight into your overall fleet costs  Advice on how to control these costs: ultimately helping you reduce costs


Looking after our planet

Securing sustainability Reducing your carbon foot print Engaging your employees: meeting your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) targets

Commercial vehicle leasing

From van to truck - tailor-made mixed fleet and truck fleet solutions for you.

  • Brand-independent selection of the ideal utility vehicle
  • Improvement of service lives of your utility vehicles and wear-and-tear analyses
  • Coordination of repair workshops that specialise in utility vehicles, at night or on the weekend if necessary

Owned fleet

Even your owned fleets can enjoy all the benefits of our fleet management

  • Compare vehicles on a full-cost basis, calculate the driver’s contribution and the taxable non-cash benefit
  • Online approval and order processes for your purchased vehicles
  • Virtual vehicle file archive
  • Driver direct communication
  • Fleet Consulting Services support on all aspects of fleet Management

Which mobility model is best for your fleet?

Our mobility products and services offer you a wide range of options to flexibly structure your fleet and motivate your drivers - whether you opt for leasing, AboCar or long-term rentals. To make the choice easier we have listed the main criteria for you.

Whatever choice you make: We’re here to help you with our comprehensive expertise and services. How can we support you in the future?

Considering what’s next for you?

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