Vehicle sales

Maximum sale prices for returned leased vehicles

If you’ve leased your vehicles from us we sell them at the end of the lease. If you haven’t leased your vehicles from us you can also ask us to sell them on your behalf. We identify the most lucrative sales channel for your vehicles.

Fair and transparent vehicle valuations

Before the leased vehicles you have returned are sold they are valued by an independent appraiser. We’re always very fair about vehicle damage and our valuations are compliant with the international TÜV Nord Cert GmbH certified standard, "Fair Wear & Tear". The valuation doesn’t make any deductions for fair wear and tear damage such as scratches and small dents. For more extensive damage which isn’t due to wear and tear we reduce the value in accordance with the vehicle’s age and mileage. You only pay part of the costs that you would otherwise pay for a complete overhaul. Only maintenance work to ensure the vehicle’s roadworthiness and operating safety, to replace missing parts or to repair accident damage is charged in full.

Our short video shows you how the vehicle return and evaluation by an independent appraiser work for LeasePlan clients. See typical vehicle damages that are not always immediately apparent to fleet managers, but regularly lead to costs after the end of the lease.

Transparency from day one

We are the first fleet management company in the world to have all our European subsidiaries "Fair Wear & Tear" certified.

You can refer to our Value Reduction Table to see the deductions that are made depending on age and mileage.

You can download our vehicle valuation guidelines here:

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