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3D Coverage - For the bigger fleet insurance picture you need to see things in 3D

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3D Coverage - For the bigger fleet insurance picture you need to see things in 3D

Fleet insurance makes up 10%-15% of a fleet’s Total Cost of Ownership. In order to optimise fleet insurance costs, LeasePlan offers a distinctive approach: 3D Coverage. This service fully integrates fleet insurance into fleet management, thereby providing Competitive Cover, Active Prevention and Easier Fleet Management benefits. It addresses upfront costs, but also indirect costs that arise from accidents and hidden costs generated by process inefficiencies. Hence 3D Coverage drives down your TCO on three fronts.

Competitive Cover Competitive Cover is the first dimension of fleet insurance, and can be tailored to the needs of the customer. Companies can choose from a large variety of risk structures and covers that suits their risk appetite, including several ancillary covers designed to maximise fleet cost predictability.

Active Prevention The second dimension of 3D Coverage is Active Prevention. LeasePlan partners with its clients to deploy prevention programmes that can reduce accident frequency by up to 30%. The benefits are clear: improved driver safety, reduced insurance premiums and increased business continuity. Furthermore, safer driving reduces both fuel costs and CO2 emissions. Our prevention programmes are supported by comprehensive reporting and smart technologies, enabling you to decrease the number of accidents. Take a moment to check out our 5-step approach to improving safety and reducing damages.

Easier Fleet Management The third dimension is Easier Fleet Management. LeasePlan has drawn on decades of experience in both fleet insurance and fleet management to optimise fleet-related processes. A one-stop-shop approach for drivers and fleet managers improves efficiency by up to 250 EUR per vehicle per annum. LeasePlan coordinates policy issuance, renewal and termination in accordance with the lease terms and, in case of accidents, the inconvenience is minimised by arranging short approval and repair times. Fleet Managers do not have to triangulate between leasing company and insurance company. Drivers are offered LeasePlan’s high level of care and support.

Optimised fleet insurance concepts

LeasePlan Versicherungsvermittlungsgesellschaft mbH is a 100% subsidiary of LeasePlan Deutschland GmbH and a specialist in fleet insurance. It offers you optimal protection for your company fleet with or without leasing - since 1978 as an independent insurance broker in accordance with § 34 d Abs. 1 GewO and with more than 52,000 insured vehicles (as of 01/2022).

With or without leasing we can provide you with various fleet insurance services, such as:

Risk Retention - the budget choice The risk retention scheme is a low-cost alternative to conventional collision insurance for fleets with more than 20 vehicles (up to 3.5 tons) financed by LeasePlan. You have indemnity which is comparable to collision insurance at a considerably lower cost with automatic GAP compensation. It includes the claims service and free risk management reports.

Own Damage Fund - minimising administration You pay contributions into a fund that is used to pay repair costs in the event of own damage to the vehicles. With the own damage fund service, we handle your own damage claims and provide our claims service to you free of charge.

Risk Retention Plus – the comprehensive choice With Risk Retention Plus, a vehicle returned at the end of the lease is covered for damage that reduces its value by up to € 2,000. Risk Retention Plus also offers you all the benefits of a risk retention scheme.

Own Damage Fund Plus – minimising overall damage risk Our extended Own Damage Fund Plus service provides you with cover for diverse top risks. You can prevent own damage from driving up your claims costs by either covering individual risks or defining a total amount of claims expenditure per year which is covered even if you exceed it.

General Terms & Conditions for Motor Vehicle Insurance In this section we included some of our insurances partner's GTC for your information (only available in German):

* Allianz Versicherungs AG (pdf) * AXA Versicherung AG (pdf) * Ergo Versicherung AG (pdf) * HDI-Global SE (pdf) * R+V Allgemeine Versicherung AG (pdf) * Zurich Insurance plc NfD (pdf) * EURO INSURANCES DAC (pdf)

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