Social commitment

We actively promote humanitarian causes

LeasePlan Germany supports Diakonie Düsseldorf in Germany

Children need our help, this is why we launched an initiative in our immediate neighbourhood to support Diakonie Düsseldorf’s residential groups for children and young people.

What a children’s home looks like today

There is nothing like having your own family. Nevertheless, it’s important to provide the necessary protection to children with families that have serious problems. Diakonie Düsseldorf’s residential groups care for children who have been abused or struggle with behavioural and learning difficulties. Six to eight children live with their carers as a family.

From children to independent adults

The children live, laugh and make plans together in their residential groups, where the carers teach them how to be self-sufficient.

Helping children is close to our hearts

LeasePlan Germany is committed to helping these children make the most of the future, for example by

  • Providing a vehicle for their permanent use
  • Providing targeted, project-based support to the residential groups
  • Holding regular “social days” financed and organised by LeasePlan, with LeasePlan employees as volunteers, where we spend a day together with children from the residential groups at a riding school, a high-ropes course or doing other activities.
  • Providing donations in kind for everyday use in the residential groups in a reward shop, where the children can choose the items they want.

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