Important information for customers

Our current service situation

Your leased vehicle operations should be returning more and more to normal now that the lockdown restrictions are slowly being eased. Please remember that many of our services are provided with the support of external partners. As a result of this we have no influence on the availability of those services or the operating capacity of our partners over the next days and weeks.

Maintenance, repairs and tyres Our maintenance service is available for necessary repairs. If you need any work done to maintain vehicle roadworthiness (e.g. brake lining replacement) or prevent engine damage (e.g. oil change), which is also important to preserve your warranty, you can book an appointment as usual on our website or using the app. Please note that the usual vehicle pick-up and delivery service and cleaning service are not always available in conjunction with maintenance appointments at the moment.

Our tyre service is also available. You can locate your nearest tyre partner on our website. Contact the tyre partner directly to make an appointment. If you have delayed changing your winter tyres for summer tyres as a result of the current physical distancing rules, please remember that higher temperatures extend the braking distances and increase the wear on winter tyres.

Vehicle delivery and collection The situation regarding new vehicle registrations and deliveries is returning to normal at manufacturers, car dealerships and registration offices. However, delays are still possible in exceptional cases.

Now that the logistics sites have reopened the vehicle collection service is running very smoothly again. In the event that you or your car dealership are not able to make the vehicle available for collection, the lease contracts will continue to run. If we collect the vehicle late or are not able to collect it at all, we will terminate your lease contracts as usual.

Parameter review postponement Ordinarily we review and adapt your lease contract parameters on 1 April and 1 October every year. However, as a result of recent developments we have postponed the April review until 1 June 2020.

We're here for you Our field service consultants are making visit appointments on a discretionary basis at the customer’s request. Please understand that these visits will only take place in compliance with effective hygiene measures and guidelines. Most of our personnel are still working from home and they have the necessary technical infrastructure to do this. Home working affects both our headquarters in Düsseldorf and our branches throughout Germany. Whenever possible please contact us by e-mail rather than telephone so that we can be as flexible as possible in processing your enquiry or request.

We will be keeping you updated on new developments.

We have also put together a few tips (German only) on how you can best get through the exit restrictions with your vehicle and how you can now safely start driving again.

Thank you very much for your understanding.

Stay healthy!