Important information for customers

Current service restrictions

To prevent the spread of the Coronavirus Germany is closing schools, nurseries and day-care centres, as well as public-sector organisations and institutions such as road traffic licensing offices.

This has a direct impact on our operations and, as a result, you can expect to experience the following service restrictions.

Please remember that many of our services are provided to you with the support of external partners. Unfortunately, we are not able to influence their availability or capacity in the coming days and weeks.

Maintenance, repairs and tyres
Unfortunately, the service can no longer be completely guaranteed. The appointments should be rescheduled as soon as possible. Due to travel restrictions, we also assume that mileage will currently be reduced. That should keep the risk manageable. Resulting problems, we will solve them together.

Vehicle delivery and collection
This also applies to the delivery of new vehicles and the collection of vehicles from expired leasing contracts. It is not guaranteed that dates already agreed for delivery or collection can still be met. In addition, further deliveries and collections are becoming increasingly difficult, because more and more road traffic offices have closed or logistics sites can no longer accommodate additional vehicles. In cases where deliveries or collections can no longer be carried out, your leasing contracts will continue to run unchanged. Please contact your LeasePlan contact person to extend the leasing contracts concerned.

We’re still at your service
For the time being, we will not be able to visit you or hold meetings with you in person. Our staff works from home. The necessary technical infrastructure is in place. Home working affects our headquarters in Düsseldorf and our branches throughout Germany.

We will naturally be doing everything possible to ensure business continuity and prevent customer service impairments. However, we hope you will understand that there may be some availability limitations and delays in processing enquiries over the coming days. Please contact us by e-mail rather than telephone so that we can be as flexible as possible in processing your enquiry or request.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact your LeasePlan account manager at the usual number or e-mail address, even during the period when the precautionary measures are effective.

As soon as we have any more information we will be sending you an update.

Thank you very much for your understanding.
Stay healthy!