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We're looking back on 2022...

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We’re fast approaching 2023, and it’s therefore time to reflect on some of the cars, news, and stories from LeasePlan's 2022. We’re looking back on a small selection of cars and highlights that have made the year 2022 a special one.
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Popular cars

We are well on our way in 2022, and the green transition has really shown itself on the roads. The popularity of the electric vehicle is higher in 2022 compared to last year, and the electric vehicle manufacturers have been really busy. Among the most popular electric vehicles are e.g. Polestar, Tesla, BMW and 'Company Car of the Year 2023' – Skoda Enyaq.



The Swedish-Chinese car manufacturer - Polestar - has won a lot of fans during 2022. Their innovative approach, Scandinavian design and focus on sustainability is consistently found in all of their models. Combined, it has risen the bar for electric vehicles, and their popularity can therefore not come as a surprise.

Read more about the Polestar 2 or check out the new Polestar 3!



If you're talking electric vehicles, you can't leave out Tesla. Since its foundation in 2003, Tesla has been a frontrunner in the world of electric vehicles. They have achieved pioneer status within production of electric vehicles and transition to a greener world. Two of their most popular cars, Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y, have had a great entry onto the Danish market, and with good reason. Earlier this year, Elon Musk said that the Tesla Model Y has the potential to become the most sold electric vehicle in the world, and it sure does push both Polestar, BMW and Volkswagen.



BMW has seriously made its way into the world of electric vehicles. The 'ultimate driving machine' is notoriously linked with good design and construction, positive reputation and reliability, and the balance between luxury and endurance. These qualities are no exceptions in their electric vehicles, and you quickly understand why the BMW iX3 has become one of the fan favorites. It is BMW's first full-electric SUV, and it impresses on all parameters.



The Skoda Enyaq is Skoda's first full-electric vehicle, and you understand why it has been awarded 'Company Car of The Year 2023' in Denmark. The car is built on Volkswagen's MEB platform, which makes it compact, smart and adaptable. You get a lot of car's worth for your money: a lot of room, high comfort, high quality, well-cushioned seats and great long trip features. Range is over 500km, so you can easily go for a long drive.

Big stories and events in 2022

In addition to the many exciting electric vehicles in 2022, the year has been filled with big stories and events, both internally and externally.

January 6 – ALD and LeasePlan create a global player in mobility

This year’s biggest news. A proposed merger between ALD and LeasePlan to create a new mobility company. Throughout 2022 both ALD and LeasePlan have operated as two separate entities, and will continue to do so, until a confirmation from different authorities and ministries exists. If the merger is accepted, the new company will be one of the largest mobility companies in the world.

May 1 – Auto Claim Handling Danmark A/S

In May, Auto Claim Handling Danmark took over the role as the claims handler on behalf of Euro Insurances DAC. Claim handling is now handled internally, as it earlier was handled externally at Crawford & Company. The development was a natural step in LeasePlan’s strategy, and the cooperation has opened up new doors.

“We are looking back at a long and professional relationship with Crawford & Company, but with Auto Claim Handling Danmark, the circle will be complete. This development is a natural step in LeasePlan’s strategy, and the new relationship opens the door for new opportunities”, says Insurance Manager at LeasePlan, Rikke Brandi Andersen.

Auto Claim Handling Danmark is a subsidiary of LeasePlan Danmark, and the employees will have their daily jobs in Brøndby, in the same offices as LeasePlan.

October 8 – Drive in EV 2022

On October 8th, 2022, LeasePlan, together with sponsors, hosted Drive In EV 2022. A day where EVs were the main characters, the purpose was to promote the green transition and focus on EVs.

The event was a success, which was reflected in the number of participants. With more than 500 participants and 250 EVs, participants had ample opportunity to get inspired by the world of EVs.

Thanks to our sponsors and business partners, the participants had lots of opportunities to test drive new EVs, learn more about charging, range anxiety and EV driving.

Jenners Dockside and Frk Bork’s Pandekager made sure that nobody was hungry, children could jump around in the bouncy castle, and the entire event finished with the movie “Alle for fire” played on the big screen.

See you in 2023!

At LeasePlan we're excited for 2023. We're looking forward to welcoming you to a new and exciting year, and we're excited to present to you the many new, interesting cars, events and opportunities for collaboration with you all!

Published at December 15, 2022
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December 15, 2022
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