Reporting (accident) damage

Are you stranded with your vehicle?

If your vehicle breaks down or isn’t roadworthy as a result of an accident or other damage, call our central driver hotline: +49 211 91358221. You can reach us at any time of the day or night from Germany or abroad.

We’ll organise the recovery service, a replacement vehicle and, if necessary, book you into a hotel.

Then we will need you to send us your (accident) damage report (see below).

Do you want to report (accident) damage?

Even if your vehicle can still be driven after the (accident) damage, we need you to send us an online damage report via the LeasePlan Online portal so that we can organise the repairs quickly and document everything properly.

With LeasePlan Online access:

Without LeasePlan Online access:

Edit an existing damage report:

Important information: What happens after I report the damage?

1. Find service partner near you When you have submitted your damage report we will send you an e-mail informing you of the repair facility in our partner network that will be performing the repairs on your vehicle. Please contact the repair partner to make an appointment. Always take the vehicle to one of the partners in our network to get (accident) damage repaired.

2. Print out and fill in the repair order form Before you take your vehicle to the repair partner download the 'Repair Order' form and hand the completed and signed form to the repair partner when you take the vehicle in. If the net repair costs are likely to exceed € 300, the repair partner will request our approval before starting work.

3. Present LeasePlan fuel or service card Please take your LeasePlan fuel card or your LeasePlan service card to the repair facility with you. It entitles you to have repair work done and the repair facility will then bill us directly. The repair facility will discuss the next steps with us.

Any questions?

You can find the answers to frequently asked questions about accidents and damages in our FAQ section.

Call us: +49 211 91358221

Send an e-mail to:

This e-mail address is only available to our customers and drivers. Workshops should use 0211 9124780 for approvals and digital claims management Postmaster® for invoices.