The LeasePlan driver apps

Are you interested in using our driver apps?

We currently offer two driver apps in the app stores. Here is some important information about them.

1. If you have received an activation e-mail for the "My LeasePlan" app:

If it is in your scope of services you will receive a login activation e-mail for the My LeasePlan driver app. Please note that you can download the My LeasePlan app from the app stores without the activation e-mail, but you won’t be able to use it.

My LeasePlan

2. If you haven’t yet received an activation e-mail for the "My LeasePlan" app:

If you have not received an activation e-mail for My LeasePlan you can download and use the unpersonalised LeasePlan driver app.

Use the LeasePlan driver app to make direct appointments with repair partners online. To use the appointments service you will need valid login credentials for the LeasePlan online portal. Please note that initial registration isn’t possible in the app. It has to be done on the website.

The LeasePlan Driver App

Any questions?

You can find the answers to frequently asked questions about driver apps in our FAQ section.

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