Your LeasePlan charging card and app for your electric vehicle

Has your LeasePlan charging card been stolen, lost or isn’t working?

Let us know about the loss or damage to your charging card immediately by sending an e-mail to or calling our central driver hotline +49 211 91358221. Our central driver hotline is available 24/7. We’ll block the card and send you a replacement.

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Where you can use the LeasePlan CHARGE NOW for Business charging card

You can use the LeasePlan charging card to recharge your electric vehicle in the CHARGE NOW for Business infrastructure in Germany and Europe. Charge NOW for Business offers access to 98% of all public charging points in Germany and 95% of public charging points in Europe.

All you need to know about your charging card and app can be found in the guide 'Start Electric: Your LeasePlan Electric Vehicle. Driving and Charging Tips – now with your CHARGE NOW for Business Charging App' (only available in German).

Download guide (PDF)

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