Fleet risk management

Fleet management that rethinks your approach to risk

Driving down fleet risk

Vehicle fleets come with risk. LeasePlan works with you to manage that risk so that it doesn’t disrupt your business.

For many organisations, vehicle fleets present the biggest risk to the safety of their employees and the general public, as well as exposing the business financial and reputational risks that have the potential to severely disrupt the operation and success of the business.
LeasePlan’s approach to risk management is about using innovative thinking to identify, manage and minimise risks within your fleet, allowing you to concentrate on what your business does best.

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Innovative solutions, built on experience

We’ve been in the fleet industry for more than 50 years, taking care of more than 1.8 million vehicles in over 30 countries. We understand the challenges faced by fleet managers and anyone else responsible for ensuring the safe and smooth running of their business fleet.

We take a forward-thinking approach to risk management, looking not just at today, but about the risks of the future. We’ve pioneered the use of technology to record driver behaviour, to identify potential risks and improve driver training and performance, all to ensure that you can keep your employees and fleets on the road safely.

What is included?

LeasePlan has an end-to-end approach to risk management

  • A comprehensive, data-driven overview of your fleet risk tailored to suite your needs.
  • Easily manage your driver records, training and risk in our SafePlan management system.
Download the fleet risk guide

Why LeasePlan?

Using our experience to think about tomorrow's risks.

  • We understand fleets, with more than 50 years of experience and more than 1.8 million vehicles.
  • Solutions tailored to your company fleet needs.
  • Proactive risk management that identifies risks and recommends the right mitigation solution.
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Download the fleet risk guide

An effective fleet risk management policy gives you a way to look after your company’s reputation, its people and its finances.

Our other fleet risk products and services

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  • Accident management – end-to-end management of vehicle fleet accidents, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best.
  • Tailored fleet management– build a fleet policy that suits you and the needs of your business with our Car Policy Configurator.