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Time to rethink risk?

It can be a way to make your business work more safely and effectively. Our experts are here to help you manage and minimise the specific risks faced by your fleet.

The costs of risk to your business

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500 Road deaths

People driving for work are involved in over 500 deaths a year

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£33 billion

The annual cost of reported and unreported accidents is £33 billion.

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45,000 injuries

People driving for work are involved in over 45,000 injuries every year

Helping you manage your fleet risk

Good management of fleet risk is so much more than just complying with legal requirements. It can contribute to positive business performance and employee safety and wellbeing.

From helping you analyse your organisation's current fleet risk exposure to setting up driver-training programmes, our team can provide solutions that deliver active prevention measures to reduce road risk and improve driver safety.

Benefits of taking action

Did you know?

Health and safety law applies to work activities on the road in the same way as it does to all work activities and you need to manage the risks to drivers as part of your health and safety arrangements

HSE guidance on Driving at work

Additional services

We offer a range of fleet risk services to help you lower your fleet insurance premiums and improve the safety of your drivers.

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Fleet Risk Assessment Tool

Helping you identify and understand the risks in your vehicle fleet, and find ways to minimise them to meet your legal requirements

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Driver Training

Equipping your driver with the knowledge and skills to stay safe in all road and traffic conditions

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Giving you detailed data and analysis about how your drivers use their vehicles, from speed and braking to journey times and location.

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Accident Management

Providing end-to-end support with vehicle accidents, including the full handling of any claims and dealing with garages for repairs

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License Checking

Making it easy for you to stay informed about your drivers' license situations, including vehicles they can drive, penalty points and disqualifications

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Fleet Insurance

Offering cost you cost-effective, multi-vehicle cover from our partner based on our in-depth understanding of your fleet.

Is your fleet fit for the road ahead?

A good car policy is so much more than just a legal requirement. If you don't have one, or if yours needs updating, we can help you with our Car Policy Configurator

Do you have the right risk procedures in place?

Every employer knows that they need to keep their employees safe in the workplace as part of their Duty of Care. However, many forget that this includes any time that any vehicle (including a personal one) is used for business.

Our Fleet Risk Assessment tool is designed to help you assess the current risks in your company car and van fleet, plus your grey fleet, so you can put plans in place to meet your legal requirement to minimise these risks.

Your LeasePlan Account Manager will work with you through a series of questions, before exploring steps you can take for better driver safety and reduced accidents.

A closer look at risk

Our white paper explores the challenges and opportunities in taking control of fleet risk, with insights from LeasePlan specialists plus additional analysis from leading independent experts.

Driving to zero accidents

Our SafePlan Zero campaign aims to get the full LeasePlan fleet to zero serious road traffic injuries by 2030. To do this, we have lots of helpful articles, tools, guidelines and reports on three key safety areas: drivers, vehicles and fleet management.

Discover the Benefits of Our Fleet Risk Assessment Tool

Managing a fleet of over 25 vehicles? We've got you covered. Our fleet risk assessment tool can help you to ensure compliance, enhance business performance and ensure employee safety and wellbeing.

Our expert account managers will guide you through the assessment and provide best practice on active prevention measures to reduce fleet risk.

Ready to unlock the advantages of our fleet risk assessment? Complete the form below and our team will be in touch to book your assessment.

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