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Fleet Risk: The Importance of Daily Van Checks

2 min to readDriver safety
Establishing a routine of daily safety checks is a crucial step towards keeping your van fleet on the road, and your drivers safe. Here’s why.
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Vans are some of the hardest working, highest mileage vehicles on our roads, and it’s essential that they are properly maintained. Defects not only pose a safety risk, accounting for 1,300 police-attended incidents in 2021, but unexpected downtime can cost businesses up to £1,000 per vehicle, per day as a result of disrupted schedules and repairs.

There are some steps fleet operators can take to keep vehicles on the road. The DVSA, Logistics UK and FORS all advise allowing time for daily walkaround checks before drivers get behind the wheel. These can help identify faults earlier, keeping employees safe, vehicles on the road and your business operating as it should.

What should drivers be checking every day?

It’s also important for drivers to pay attention once they set off. Sluggish responses, juddering or rolling and diving while slowing or cornering could be signs of tired suspension and brake parts, while poor alignment will cause the vehicle to pull left or right and cause tyres to wear out more quickly. Early detection can reduce the impact of repairs.

How can fleet managers make daily checks easier?

We’re here to help…

Risk management doesn’t have to be a challenge for fleets. For advice and guidance, contact our expert team on XXXXXX.

Published at 2 August 2023
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2 August 2023
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