Fleet Insurance

Knowing that your drivers are safe

It's taken care of.

Driving can be a risky business, even when it's being done by experts. You have a responsibility to keep all your drivers safe, whether they're using business-critical commercial vehicles, company cars or pool cars for occasional business use.

As your leasing partner, we know which vehicles you have and what your drivers use them for. This means that when it comes to minimising fleet risk, we can do a lot to help..

Comprehensive protection, competitive premiums

Through our third party provider, we can provide a full suite of insurance cover for your vehicles from Third Party Liability to Comprehensive cover. Offering you cost-effective, multi-vehicle cover from our partner based on our in-depth understanding of your fleet

Additional services

We offer a range of fleet risk services to help you lower your fleet insurance premiums and improve the safety of your drivers.

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Fleet Risk Assessment Tool

Helping you identify and understand the risks in your vehicle fleet, and find ways to minimise them to meet your legal requirements.

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Driver Training

Equipping your drivers with the knowledge and skills to stay safe in all road and traffic conditions

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Giving you detailed data and analysis about how your drivers use their vehicles, from speed and braking to journey times and location.

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Accident Management

Providing end-to-end support with vehicle accidents, including the full handling of any claims and dealing with garages for repairs

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Licence Checking

Making it easy for you to stay informed about your drivers' license situations, including vehicles they can drive, penalty points and disqualifications

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Fleet Insurance

Offering you cost-effective, multi-vehicle cover from our partner based on our in-depth understanding of your fleet

Understanding Fleet Insurance challenges

We surveyed 750 fleet decision-makers to discover the challenges facing them when it comes to insurance - the results highlight real sticking points for everyone involved with the procurement process, and some worrying gaps in this critical product.

Fleets are always changing, but recent trends have been accelerated and disrupted more than ever
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We want to show our customers that fleet insurance is so much more than just complying with legal requirements. It can contribute to positive business performance and employee safety and wellbeing. And that it doesn’t have to be an administrative headache for the business.

Speak to the team about getting the right level of cover based on your fleet and business priorities and the active prevention measures that can help reduce the risk and cost of accidents.

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