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There’s never been a better time to drive electric, and change doesn’t have to be challenging. LeasePlan has helped countless drivers make that switch, and we can provide all the support, tools and guidance you need at every step of the journey.

Electric driving tools

Our free webtools offer simple, impartial guidance to help understand how electric vehicles could fit your needs


Could an electric car work for you?

Could an electric car work for you? Our EV Tool can help match your driving profile with the latest vehicle technology. Simply fill in a quick questionnaire, and we'll highlight how different options suit your lifestyle and journey profile.


How much can you save by going electric?

How much can you save by going electric? Driving an electric vehicle significantly reduce your fuel bills. Our easy-to-use comparator offers a useful overview of the costs involved, and highlights how they compare to your current vehicle.


How much do electric cars cost to run?

How much do electric cars cost to run? Charging costs for electric vehicles vary as much as their petrol and diesel counterparts, and range doesn't always tell the full story. Our cost-per-mile calculator can highlight what you can expect from the latest models.

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Electric charging

Convenient access to charging is an important enabler of going electric, and the good news is it's getting easier all the time

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Charging at Home

Installing a home charging point is an important first step towards an easier life with an electric vehicle. Learn about what's available, what you need to consider, and what to expect from the installation itself.

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Charging in Public

The UK has one of the world's densest chargepoint networks, and it's never been easier to plug in when you're on the road. We've addresses the most frequently asked questions about public charging in our step-by-step guide.

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Charging for work

With electricity becoming a more common 'fuel' for business journeys, we've looked at how you can keep track of your charging expenses, how much you can claim, and the unique incentives for plugging in at work.

Keeping your charging costs low

Switching your home energy tariff is an important step towards getting the best out of your electric vehicle, with the potential to cut your charging costs by hundreds of pounds every year.

Rightcharge’s comparison tool offers a straightforward comparison of the best tariffs for electric vehicle drivers, including highlighting suppliers who use renewable sources.

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