Commercial Vehicles

Support for fleets

Our experience and in-depth knowledge of the commercial vehicle market means we understand your needs and can provide you with the vehicles that match them. Our in-life management capabilities seek to maximise vehicle uptime, while end-of-contract management completes the full vehicle lifecycle solution.

We know commercial vehicles are critical to your business, so we have built our products and services around your needs. After all, the daily value of a commercial vehicle is, on average, £727*, and it's our aim to help you generate revenue by maximising utilisation. We do this by:

  • Ensuring vehicles are kept on the road
  • Providing insights to drive best practice
  • Delivering compliance, efficiency and cost management
  • Supporting accreditation's as a FORS associate and a FTA Van Excellence partner.

    *source: The Business of Managing UpTime Commercial Fleet 2015.

Our key products are:

  • UPtime Live a system that proactively manages the maintenance, repair, servicing and scheduling of customer fleets
  • My Vehicle Check – an app that lets drivers complete daily safety and compliance checks from their smartphone
  • Build management & vehicle passport – a commercial vehicle build management and conversion tool that provides certainty around new vehicle build time, conversion and availability.
  • LeasePlan Telematics - providing data and insight to help reduce business costs, improve driver safety and coverage for duty of care.
  • LeasePlan daily rental - access to thousands of commercial vehicles with sites across the UK, available within a matter of hours if needed.

Key products - further information

  • UPtime Live: Proactive management of all service, maintenance and repair work that handles scheduled and unscheduled events and defects with measurement of vehicle's off-road time by the minute and defect management all done in real-time utilising telematics and geo-fencing. You can leave all the scheduling and chasing to us. We will tell you what is about to happen, what is happening and what happened at any given time.
  • My Vehicle Check: This app can be used to complete a first-use check on a vehicle, in line with the DVSA recommendations. Used in conjunction with UPtime Live, defects are immediately notified and responded to, which ensures quick and recorded defect rectification. It will also provide reporting to identify vehicles without a check and all ‘nil defect’ reports submitted.
  • Telematics: RAC telematics deliver real innovation through the connected vehicle element of our proposition. Reporting can be delivered to your inbox or you can review things in real-time. This service supports our other products to deliver maximum efficiency and compliance. First notification of loss (FNOL) reporting can be provided to deliver instant support and insight into when, how and why accidents have happened. It also offers fuel and behavioural improvements – and can also help to reduce incidents.
  • Build Management: The build process for commercial vehicles requiring conversions, livery and other ancillary equipment can be a complex one with multiple parties involved. LeasePlan have invested in an online collaboration tool that allows all parties to work together with real-time visibility to ensure the efficient and effective build of each vehicle.
  • Vehicle Passport: This summary document of a vehicle’s specification includes conversion and options, which allows for accurate in-life management of the vehicle and easy repeat ordering. The Passport is produced by the build management tool.

Good to know

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