At your service

Helping you move ahead

We understand the challenges you face

We have decades of experience supporting local authorities, healthcare providers, universities and charities all over the UK. 

This means we understand the funding challenges and fleet opportunities for your organisation and can provide you with the solutions and services you need.

Your partner

As we’re a supplier on many public sector frameworks, you can be confident we have everything in place to support your organisation.

This includes: 

  • Crown Commercial Service (CCS)
  • Halton Housing
  • Hertfordshire Contract Hire
  • Procurement for Housing (PfH)
  • National Services Scotland (NSS)
  • The Procurement Partnership Limited (TPPL)

We will work hard to be your fleet partner

Our aim is to be your partner in keeping you mobile. We start with three key areas:

  • How to reduce costs
  • How to minimise your impact on the environment
  • How to offer an attractive but cost-effective package to your employees

But we don’t stop there. These areas are under regular review and we will always be working on what’s next for your organisation and drivers.

We support you with a specialist team

We have a specialist team focused on the public sector, as we want to ensure that the people who make support are aware the unique challenges you have to address. 

Each of our customers also has an account manager with a deeper understanding of their requirements, who is the main point of contact.

We will give you the choice and services you need

Our vehicles: We can provide you with the vehicles you require, as our range includes everything from cars to patient transport and, refuse vehicles to road sweepers. In addition, we can help make your fleet greener, with an extensive range of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids.

Our services: Vehicles are just the start of what we offer. We can give you guidance about fleet-funding products and services that make the day-to-day running of your fleet easier. We also offer short-term rentals to solve immediate needs and tailor-made long-term contracts. When we’re your partner, we’ll keep your employees and customers on the move - both now and in the future.

We can help you with your grey fleet

We know that many public sector organisations have grey fleets and would like to reduce their reliance on them. 

As well as supporting you in managing the risks associated with these vehicles, our teams can explore ways for you to move your drivers to other options, such as introducing an electric car salary sacrifice scheme or creating vehicle pools to use your current fleet more effectively. 

We also have a range of rental options including pool vehicles that can help you cut back on grey fleet mileage.