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Continuing to put the needs and safety of its drivers first, LeasePlan UK, one of the world’s leading vehicle management groups, will be including a new Driver Pack in its vehicles as standard, and for the first time will include a dashboard camera (dash cam).
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LeasePlan is the only vehicle leasing company in the UK to offer this pack to all drivers. New customer research showed that 77 per cent of motorists expected dash cams to enhance driver safety. In fact, for a third of those questioned, the dash cam ranked in the top three of important items to be included in a vehicle. The top three items overall ranked in order of importance to be included in a Driver Pack are; a first aid kit, safety warning triangle and a high visibility vest.

Latest research

The new research from LeasePlan UK also reveals that the majority (95%) of drivers find their Driver Pack to be useful and are reassured to know that they have everything they need with them in case of breakdown or other emergencies.

Working with its supplier vGroup International, the Driver Pack contains essential items such as a first aid kit, safety warning triangle and a high-visibility vest – all items that customers expect to be provided as part of LeasePlan’s duty of care. However, the kit also includes practical items to assist in the everyday maintenance of their vehicles, including; an ice scraper, washer fluid, and de-icer.

New brand

The new Driver Pack has been part of a bigger global LeasePlan rebrand to demonstrate how LeasePlan is putting the drivers’ needs at the forefront of the brand every step of the way.

LeasePlan is taking a step beyond the rest of the industry to enhance our commitment to driver safety. With these new, progressive, technology-led solutions, we are proud to lead in supporting the evolving requirements of today’s driver.

Working with vGroup, the purpose of the redesign is also to encourage drivers to engage with LeasePlan after the delivery of their vehicle, to feel safe and secure knowing they have what they need. To not only to keep them safe on the road, but to make their whole journey easier and more efficient by having everything within their vehicle.

Matt DyerManaging Director, LeasePlan UK

Safety First

The new Driver Pack reflects LeasePlan’s ethos of putting the customer at the heart of the business. In a recent survey the reaction to the original pack was positive, with over two-thirds (69%) agreeing they ‘felt cared about by LeasePlan’ when receiving the pack upon the delivery of their vehicle. With the inclusion of new items, including the dash cam, the number of customers that feel positive increased to 87% stating that the new Driver Pack demonstrated how LeasePlan puts thought and care into its driver’s needs.

Health & safety and reducing road deaths and serious injuries is very close to my heart, and I am very passionate about improving the products in our customers’ cars. The LeasePlan roadside assistance kit is the next development in our product evolution, there are over 21,600 serious injuries and nearly 1,800 roads deaths every year and this pack development includes easy to understand icons, compartmentalisation for speed of access and communication with the end user.

The introduction of the dash cam demonstrates LeasePlan’s commitment to each and every one of their drivers providing peace of mind and capturing the unexpected.

James NashvGroup Managing Director and Professional Racing Driver

Rise of the dash cam

Recently dash cams have been rising in popularity with over 19 million drivers saying they could be using them within the year. More than just a source for viral videos dash cams help drivers to capture, review and analyse either their own driver performance or others and also carry the extra incentive of lowering insurance premium costs in some cases.

9 easy tips for drivers to get the most out of their dash cam:

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Download a high resolution infographic below to help get the most from your dash cam.

Published at August 8, 2023
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August 8, 2023
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