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ESG Environmental, Social, Governance

We believe that every day is an opportunity to do better – for our people, the public, and the planet we all share.

We strive to be a responsible business that continually looks for new and improved ways to value its workforce, strengthen communities, and operate sustainably. We don’t just want to do our bit to achieve environmental, social and governance (ESG) impact; we also want to support our customers and suppliers to play their own part in making the world stronger for longer.



We are working hard to reduce our carbon footprint, and are supporting our customers and suppliers to do the same.

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We care about our people and the community we operate in. Find out how we are taking care of both.

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We value effective corporate governance and adhere to the highest quality, financial, ethical and environmental standards.

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Reducing our environmental impact

We’re always looking for new and improved ways to diminish the impact we have on the planet. We’ve already successfully reduced to zero the volume of waste that enters landfill from our headquarters in Slough. But our programmes don’t stop there. Within the past 3 years we’ve:

Supporting customers to cut their emissions

We’re committed to helping our customers and their employees to reduce their carbon footprint by promoting alternative-fuelled vehicles, particularly 100% electric cars and vans.

Some of the ways we’re supporting customers to go electric are through our:

These UK-based activities are consolidated by our companies actions on a global scale, which include:

Sustainability in the supply chain

Acting responsibly as a leasing provider, isn’t just about partnering with EV manufacturers to reduce tailpipe emissions; we’re also working hard to increase sustainability in other parts of the supply chain. Key initiatives include:

Sustainability through digitisation

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Employee health and wellbeing

Developing our people

One key reason we’ve retained our Gold-standard Investors in People accreditation since 2010 is because of the personal and professional development opportunities we offer to our employees. We’re committed to creating an environment in which all individuals can access the training they need to reach their full potential.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We want to build a culture where everyone can be themselves and where everybody gets an equal chance to make their journey count – regardless of race, ethnicity, ability, gender, sexual orientation, age or life experience.

We believe a truly inclusive organisation helps us attract and retain talented people. It also allows us to better understand our stakeholders’ needs, and enables us to develop an international mindset, thereby contributing to a highly effective global organisation.

To ensure our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) Policy is applied in a strong and consistent way, we promote best practice sharing, nominate role models, and set appropriate metrics to help guide us on the DE&I journey.

Click here for access to our latest Gender Pay Gap Report.

Contributing to the wider community

Our focus on mental health and wellbeing doesn’t extend only to the LeasePlan UK workforce. We also aim to reach the wider community through our support of the mental health charity, Mind, which became our official charity partner in 2020.

In addition to fundraising for Mind, we:

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Conducting business with integrity

Meeting all the quality, financial, ethical and environmental standards and requirements of our industry and going beyond them on many occasions. We are:

You can access information on our principles and practices via the links below.

Code of Conduct

Supplier Code of Conduct

Modern Slavery Statement

Global Privacy Statement

LeasePlan Complaints Code

Responsible Disclosure

Gender Pay Gap Report