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When it comes to thinking about making the switch to electric driving there's a lot to learn. Our Insights EV Hub has everything you need to know

Electric Vehicle Hub - For Drivers

Moving to an electric vehicle (EV) might feel daunting. Making the switch to EV can raise lots of questions and finding answers can be time consuming.

We want to support you on your EV journey so we've brought together our expert EV advice, ideas and information all into one place.

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Electric Vehicle Hub - For Fleets

Many businesses and public sector organisations are under pressure to get their fleets to net zero as quickly as possible. But knowing how to get there can be challenging.

We're here to help. We've brought together all the latest electric vehicle news, insights and latest tools to help you on your electrification journey.

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Electric driving tools

We have a range of tools to help you make the right decision on if electric is right for you


Is an electric car right for you?

Could an electric car work for you? Find out with our tool. We will help you understand your driving habits and how you use your car; looking at everything from your reasons for driving to your mileage and typical journeys

Find out what car is for you

EV versus ICE comparator

How much does it cost to drive an Electric Vehicle (EV) compared to a similar internal combustion engine (ICE) model, our latest EV versus ICE calculator provides a useful overview of the costs associated to help you decide what's right

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Which fuel is right for your van?

Traditionally diesel-weighted, commercial vehicle fleet operators have a growing range of plug-in vans to choose from. This tool can help identify how those vehicles might fit your needs.

Find out what's right for you

How EV ready is your fleet?

Transitioning to electric vehicles can seem like a huge undertaking for fleets, but it doesn't have to be daunting. We have broken the process down into manageable segments with advice to help guide you forward.

See how ready you are

Can I have a home charger?

Find out whether your home might be suitable for a electric vehicle home charger with our online assessment tool.

Find out if you can

How much do electric cars cost to run?

Driving an electric vehicle can significantly reduce your fuel bills. Discover how much the latest models cost to run, and what you could save, with our user-friendly calculator.

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