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How does private car leasing work?

Private car leasing gives you a great opportunity to drive a new car after own choice - all without the hassle of owning one

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Credit check

In order to lease a car at LeasePlan, we have to do a credit check

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Credit check

The Danish FSA has come with new standards for credit checks. The way customers get credit checked has been changed. The changes have been made in order to secure that the customer does not obtain loan that puts them in a poor financial position.

The changed standards for credit checks are mandatory for all financial institutions.

If you want to lease a private car from LeasePlan, it is mandatory that LeasePlan runs a credit check. LeasePlan will in that regards ask for, amongst others, your financial statement and income. It will be used to check your allowance, and will help secure that you are not put in a poor financial position.

If you have more questions, please do not hesitate to contact LeasePlan.

The car and its equipment

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