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Perhaps the best terms on the market

What is private car leasing?

Private car leasing is a good alternative to buying a car, as you know your expenses, and you are not left behind with the hassle of having to sell your car with a loss.

Private car leasing gives you, the opportunity to drive, a new car without having to pay a lot of money from the beginning, and you know your fixed expenses every month. It gives you security, and you can enjoy your new car to the fullest.

Service and maintenance is included, you control how many kilometers you want, and you're only bound for 12 months.

It is easy to lease a private car

  1. happyCustomerWe make a credit check

    If you would like to private lease a car from LeasePlan, we have to make a credit check. It means that we need information about your economy. This is, amongst others, your financial statement and income.

    It is mandatory from the Danish FSA, that we protect the customers, and secure, that customers do not obtain loan/leasing that puts them in a poor economic position.

    It is mandatory that we get access to eSkat data, as these are used create an overview of your allowances.

    To make it all much easier, you can grant LeasePlan's credit department permission to retrieve the information that is necessary.

  2. declarationsYou sign the contract

    When we have made the credit check, and you have been granted permission to lease, we will send you the leasing contract. You sign the contract online with your NemID.

  3. Leaseplan finance iconYou pay the down payment

    As soon as we have received the signed contract, we will send you an invoice on the down payment.

  4. New Car_XLYour new car is on the way

    We have received the signed contract and down payment, and we are now ready to make your new lease car ready for you.

What's included?

Leasing process at LeasePlan

What is the leasing process at LeasePlan? What can you as a customer expect, when you lease through LeasePlan? Below, we have shortly described the leasing process from when you order the car until it gets delivered. Read more by pressing the orange button.

Your trusted private leasing partner

Personal leasing is a great alternative to buying a car. Especially when you choose the right partner.

LeasePlan has over 50 years of experience, starting in Europe and in more than 29 countries. Making life easier for 1.8 million drivers around the world.

Our experience and expertise means we bring you the best service, cars and advice. So you can keep moving forward.

We would like to help you when it comes to leasing a car. You are welcome to contact us, or find answers to questions through our website, which you can find by clicking on the orange button bellow.

New car without worrying

It is a good idea to treat the car, as if it were your own, so that you avoid annoying bills when you hand it over again.

Normal wear and tear is perfectly acceptable, but damages due to default, you will have to compensate for. In the same way that you would get a lower price for your own car if you had to sell it with damages.

The vast majority of private leasing cars go through the final check upon return with no hassle, so you do not have to worry. Give your car a lot of love, then it will serve you faithfully and give you a lot of good experiences!

Remember this when leasing a car

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