New Kia Optima plug-in hybrid: Affordable and well-running

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Kia is on the rise in the company car segment and this trend could very well continue with the new facelifted Optima SW PHEV. Kvindernes Bilmagasin (translated: The Women's Car Magazine) tested the car for LeasePlan and they were far from disappointed.
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Affordable and well-running

I slid down into the comfortable electric leather seats that will memorize and automatically adjusts itself the next time I jump into the car. The heated leather steering wheel feels comfortable - and I am suddenly not afraid of cold days anymore. I was ready to test the 2.0 GDI Optima.

Plenty of space Pushing a button, the ceiling rolls back for a panoramic view through the glass roof that allows daylight to enter the car for a more spacious feeling. There is plenty of space in the Optima and there is no need to worry about leg space or hitting the ceiling with your head.

With my daughter seated in back, I often need to push the front seat forward so that she does not mess up the back of the seat. This is not an issue in the Optima. However, I was wondering why the seatbelt in the back only allows you to use Isofix on one side. Of course, the car comes with a top tether in the trunk (top anchoring to firmly secure the car seat).

Despite the large battery under the mat, there is plenty of room in the trunk (440 liters) that easily holds large luggage such as a stroller or suitcases. A nice detail is the velcro strap that keeps the charging cable bag in place to avoid rattling.

Hybrid With the Optima, Kia has done a great job of combining the electric and fuel engines. The automatic transmission works well with the electric motor and while other models sound more like a sewing machine on steroids, the Optima’s six-step automatic transmission is silent and smooth - even while overtaking. 154 horsepowers (205 with the hybrid system) will give you a great start without you being pushed back into the seat.

You get around 50 kilometers on pure electricity, but the Optima is supposed to run up to 66.7 kilometers per liter.

Nice design without being flashy The exterior design: Kia Optima is low, making this a rather cool stationcar. But it is not flashy. If you are looking for a rather anonymous car with a bunch of pleasant surprises in terms of equipment and driving skills, Kia Optima is definitely a great choice. On the inside: There is plenty of storage and the design is lovely. In general, the car is full of great extras and accessories such as the 8-inch touchscreen, Harman Kardon audio system, Apple Carplay and Android Auto, LED lights, parking sensor and much more. The infotainment system is solid and the built-in navigation system is easy to operate. The multi-function steering wheel is a plus.

Safety The standard Kia Optima comes with automatic emergency brakes as well as safety equipment such as Isofix, lane assistant, adaptive cruise control, tire pressure control.

The icing on the cake The electric tailgate is great and the car is keyless. As you approach your car, side mirrors will come out and you unlock the car by simply pushing the door handle.

All in all, the Kia Optima SW PHEV is a great choice if you are looking for a spacious, environment-friendly and reasonable station car. You will get great value for money. I have nothing to complain about and everything looks neat. Taxation starts from 288,138 DKK. The test car came with extras and accessories worth approximately 50,000 DKK.

Published at October 23, 2019
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October 23, 2019
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