Driving in other countries 

with the green insurance card

Your proof of insurance cover in other countries

The international insurance card or ‘green card’ as it is known is proof that your vehicle has motor liability insurance when you drive in other countries. Even though the vehicle registration number is generally sufficient proof of insurance in most of the EU, it is still mandatory in some countries to carry the green card with you.

When do I get the green card? If your company car is insured via LeasePlan you automatically receive the green card within 4 weeks of the vehicle's registration. If you have lost your green card, simply use the form provided below to request a free replacement. Contact your fleet manager if you are not sure whether your company car is insured via LeasePlan or whether you have the authority to request a replacement.

Who can request a green card? If you are the driver of a company car that is insured via LeasePlan you can ask your fleet manager for authorisation to request a free green card using the form provided below.

How long does it take for the green card to arrive? The green card is sent by post to the fleet manager or to a stated address and should arrive within 5 working days. Please contact us if the green card does not arrive within 5 days. The green card for newly registered vehicles is automatically sent out within 4 weeks of the vehicle's registration.

Request a green card

Fill out the form below to request a green card for your leased vehicle.