Insights into working at LeasePlan

Do you want to know more about working at LeasePlan? Then you’re in the right place. Read what the people who know us best – our employees – have to say.

Ellen Schmidt

Former trainee office management assistant / degree programme student and now fleet management consultant – with LeasePlan since 2016 

"In September 2016 I started the integrated programme which involves vocational training as office management assistant at LeasePlan and a degree in business administration at FOM. It’s hard work but manageable, and the combination of vocational training and course work gave me a lot of advantages. I graduated from the vocational/degree programme with my Bachelor of Arts and was able to put all the things I learned at college into practice once I started work.

I was interested in the LeasePlan programme as soon as I heard about it because of the curriculum, and being an amateur motor sport enthusiast, I also like cars.

Everything’s turned out just as I’d expected and even better because I’m given responsibility, I can participate in projects and I’m learning about modern project methods. Every department has a training officer who we can talk to if we have any questions, and they also make sure that the work we do is varied and interesting. A lot of people at my college didn’t get such a good deal. LeasePlan gets a definite thumbs up from me!"

Angelika Martens

Regional Manager Large Corporate Nord – with LeasePlan since 1996

"My first project as consultant was one of the most exciting I’ve ever worked on. It involved the integration of a new key account with an individual master agreement. It wasn’t easy to strike a balance between what the customer wanted and what we were able to offer. Ultimately, though, the customer was satisfied with the solutions I suggested.

In addition to being a consultant I worked as deputy customer service manager. When the customer service manager went on parental leave I was asked to stand in as acting customer service manager for northern Germany. Three years later I was offered the job permanently.

I’ve had a lot of support during my career at LeasePlan, and I’ve had the opportunity to take part in a number of management courses and workshops. One of the most important things for me is the support I’ve received from my managers and from other colleagues with more experience in similar management positions.

The customer service teams in each region are responsible for customer support, account management, and customer relationship management. It’s our job to make sure that we have satisfied and loyal customers."

Mario Günther

Maintenance claim handler at headquarters – with LeasePlan since 2009

"Before I joined LeasePlan I was your typical car repair foreman. Today I’m a ‘desk person’ and I’ve replaced my engine analyser and wrench with a computer and phone. This job is very different because I’m not working directly with cars, even though I’m still interested in vehicles and vehicle technology.

My colleagues and I know what replacement parts cost. We know the work involved in fitting them and we can assess whether the work stated in repair quotes is appropriate for the repair being carried out. When a new vehicle model is launched it’s my responsibility to calculate the future repair costs for that model. This information about repair costs is included in the calculation of our lease instalment for the vehicle.

I like working at LeasePlan and I like my job. Everyone’s really friendly here. I get on well with all my colleagues and we have an excellent working atmosphere. Although I do have a lot of routine activities, I never know what challenges I’m going to encounter when I get to work.

The experienced car mechanics and foremen in the Maintenance Department approve repairs on leased vehicles and check repair invoices. They also advise customers experiencing technical problems."