Kør sikkert ind i vinteren

Drive safely during winter

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Winter is a wonderful but cold season, and the temperature and landscape may change rapidly. This time a year can be challenging for drivers. Below, you will get our tips for safe driving.
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During winter, the sun is low on the horizon, which means you are more likely to be blinded by the sun - and the same goes for other drivers who may react unexpectedly. Also the rapid change of temperature may cause slippery roads.

What to do to prevent accidents:

Adjust driving to the conditions

Winter can bring a lot of rain, ice, fog or snow and each of these conditions brings its own driving challenges. As a general rule, we recommend increasing the distance between you and the next car to allow for a greater distance for stopping, which can reduce the chances of a collision. When it’s snowing or icy out accelerate gently and don’t drive too fast.

Even if you follow all the tips and take your car for regular maintenance, breakdowns can still happen and it’s better to prepare ahead than to be caught out in the cold. Make sure your car has a few essentials including: a blanket, water, ice-scraper, sunglasses, torch & spare batteries.

What to do if you experience slippery roads? You should keep calm, avoid braking, and allow the car to slide through until the tires get back on the ground. Try to keep the steering wheel straight and do not speed up.

Have a safe trip and enjoy the winter time.

Published at December 20, 2021
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December 20, 2021
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