Heading to Fredericia

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In the heart of Denmark you will find Fredericia. A city full of culture and history. The city near the Little Belt offers fantastic nature experiences and an urban environment buzzing with life and good shopping opportunities. Fredericia is also the city where LeasePlan has a large and modern showroom of used cars of the highest quality.
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Fredericia Vold

A visit to Fredericia Vold offers beautiful nature and brings you close to Danish history. At the ramparts, which have played a central role in several wars over time, you can experience the old cannons that were used to defend Denmark. There is also plenty of opportunity to bring a picnic blanket and eat lunch at one of the several high vantage points.

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A very special experience awaits in Fredericia. Here you have the opportunity to walk on the top of the Old Lillebæltsbro. The trip takes place 60 meters above sea level, and you can see over Little Belt, Jutland and Fyn.

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LeasePlan Showroom

Visit LeasePlan's Showroom of high-quality former leased cars. Have a chat with our experienced sales team and find out if leasing or buying a used car could be the right solution for you.

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