Køreturen går til Roskilde

Heading to Roskilde

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If you're into cultural experiences and a vibrant urban environment, then Roskilde is the perfect place to go for a one-day or weekend trip. We will guide you to some of the best places in Roskilde!
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Ledreborg is located at the end of Denmark's longest alley, Ledreborg Alley. There are annual events and the opportunity to visit the castle park and tours around the castle during the summer period. Take a walk in the treetops and have a fantastic experience in the heights. Fly High offers soaring and climbing opportunities with lots of challenges and fun.

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The Musicon site in Roskilde lies on a closed concrete goods factory, which in 2008 started its transformation into Roskilde's new cultural district. Today Musicon houses creative companies, a dance theatre, artists' workshops and a skate hall, all of which contribute to creating a creative and vibrant environment. Grab a good cup of coffee and let yourself be inspired by the many exciting shops.

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Roskilde Domkirke

Join us on a royal time travel! Roskilde Cathedral with its characteristic spiers is the burial church of the royal family. The cathedral's unique building is a journey through 800 years and has placed it on UNESCO's World Heritage List. The cathedral is absolutely a must-see when you visit Roskilde.

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Experience original Viking ships, see ships being built or sail out on the fjord yourself on a real Viking ship. Indoors you will find exhibitions about Viking ships, but the museum also has large, outdoor exhibition areas that can be visited all year round.

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Published at July 29, 2022
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July 29, 2022
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