Next-generation fleet management

Minimum costs and maximum efficiency

FleetPlan is a service package that allows you to retain asset ownership while LeasePlan optimises your mobility through cost and management controls.

In other words, it’s an innovative next-generation fleet management outsourcing concept. LeasePlan manages all aspects of your fleet on the basis of an agreed car policy and defined rules.

Our LeaseFlow fleet software is the single interface for your drivers, relevant in-house departments and your LeasePlan account manager. LeaseFlow brings together all your fleet data, such as driver information, company car entitlements, individual employee and usage agreements, authorisations to order revolving cars or payroll reports. It vastly optimises the information management process, making everyday workflows faster, more efficient and more transparent, and helps you to monitor compliance with legal requirements, such as driver's license checks. You also have a dedicated LeasePlan customer account manager to support you and your drivers.

Normally, your fleet costs depend on the real term of the lease and the mileage of your employee’s car. That’s why they often deviate from car policy specifications, which makes the cost budgeting process more difficult. With FleetPlan, we ensure that your costs are absolutely in line with your car policy. We perform analyses on the entire fleet to calculate the average values for lease term and mileage. If a vehicle’s term or mileage deviates from the calculated average value, this has no effect on your costs because we assume the full risk within a generous tolerance range.

A short video demonstrates how easy FleetPlan works for you (only available in German).

How you benefit from FleetPlan

Planning security
Your actual costs reflect your budgeted costs.

Fair billing
The billing process is based on the actual mileage for every vehicle in the fleet - without any limitations on reimbursements for vehicles with a lower mileage than agreed.

Cost stability
No contract amendments after deviations from the average value within a defined tolerance range.

Simplification of payment terms
There are no charges for additional/deficit mileage or vehicle market value impairment.

Fixed all-in price for each individual contract
The most important costs are covered and the number of recharged items is substantially reduced.


  • No vehicle price changes between time of order and time of delivery.
  • No mileage adjustments during the term of the lease.
  • No charge for mileage deviation after the vehicle is returned.
  • No costs for damage to the vehicle after it is returned (except unrepaired accident damage and missing parts)
  • No adjustment of insurance premiums during the term of the lease.

Billing and controlling as easy as it gets

We send you one single end-of-month invoice that clearly lists all the items rather than billing items such as lease payments, recharged items or fuel in separate invoices. This saves paper and time, and it helps your accounts department to reduce the number of cross-period correction entries.

We also send you quarterly reports with clearly structured key data and figures on your fleet. They include a trend analysis of annual mileages, information on the cost budget’s development, driver satisfaction data and regular car policy advice to optimise the vehicle selection process.

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