Return your leasing car

Easy returns at the end of your contract

When your contract is over, it’s time to say goodbye to your company car. Follow the tips below to make the process as worry-free as possible.

How to return your car

You can usually drop off your car at the dealer from whom you get your new car (Remember to make an agreement with the car dealer about this). Alternatively, drop off the car at your company. Then we pick it up no later than 4 working days after the stated pick-up date.

Please note: It is not possible to forward missing items since the car often is sold within few days, so please make sure to include everything such as winter tyres and spare keys before you book a pick-up. If items are missing your company will receive an invoice afterwards.

Where do we pick up your car?

NOTE: This is for business lease only. Link to private lease can be found here.

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Where should the car be picked up?

At what type of address should the car be picked up?

Remember the following when returning your car

  1. Mangler ved afleveringIf something is missing

    In case there are items missing when returning your car, they will subsequently be invoiced. Find our car return expenses here: Car return expenses (PDF)

  2. Se vores retningslinjer for aflevering bilFair Wear & Tear

A thorough inspection

When you return your car, it will be given a thorough inspection before being listed for sale. If there has been any damage to the car, that you have not already reported, you must call us at +45 3673 8300, before you return it.

The car is inspected by an independent third party, who will issue an inspection report. Of course, you will not be liable for wear and tear attributable to normal use of the car.

If there is any disagreement with the report, you are entitled to have a new inspection report drawn up by a different independent party. You must schedule and pay for the new inspection on your own.

Contact LeasePlan if you have any questions regarding damages or inspection reports.

Tip! Report damage as soon as it occurs. And schedule repairs right away. It’s the best way to avoid end-of-contract charges.

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