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Meet the EV salary sacrifice team that makes these schemes work

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Many companies that want to make a difference to the environment have discovered the advantages of a salary sacrifice electric car scheme.
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It’s an easy way to help employees to be green – and get an electric car at a significant discount. Unfortunately, there tends to be one roadblock. It’s difficult to help employees understand the benefits of switching, as ‘range anxiety’, costs and a lack of knowledge are all significant barriers.

With most salary sacrifice providers, this challenge is left to the employer. But LeasePlan does it differently. We have a dedicated electric vehicle salary sacrifice team that we believe is a first among major leasing companies. Service specialist teams are normally focused purely on aftersales support, but ours is involved in everything from pitches to providing in-person support.

Here are some of the ways they can help you and your employees:

We also have a new online portal that supports our team’s work. It can help employees with car selection, provide electric vehicle education and offer a simple way to add a Home ChargePoint to a salary sacrifice contract.

The results of this team’s work are already significant. Helping thousands for drivers make the switch to an electric vehicle, making savings against the retail cost, and all the while reducing CO2 emissions.

If you’d like to talk with the team about how they can help your organisation introduce a salary sacrifice scheme, please get in touch here Salary Sacrifice | LeasePlan United Kingdom

Published at 28 February 2024
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28 February 2024
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