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Five ways to fight the rising costs of fleet insurance

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In recent years, you could be forgiven for thinking that all insurance costs have only been going way (and it isn’t down). This has been very noticeable when it comes to commercial fleets, but the good news is that there are things you can do to cut those insurance costs.
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1. Give your drivers extra training:

The better trained your drivers are, the safer they are likely to be on the roads. Safer driving should mean fewer accidents, which means fewer insurance claims – and, therefore, reduced premiums.

2. Look after your vehicles:

In a similar way, the better shape your vehicles are in, the less likely they are to breakdown or cause accidents through mechanical problems.

3. Make sure you have the right insurance:

If your fleet changes over the years, it’s very easy to have extras on your policy that you don’t need any more – or possibly even cover for more vehicles or miles than you currently drive. Fixing this could bring your policy cost down.

4. Use telematics and dash cams:

Telematics is an effective way to identify bad behaviours among your drivers, which you can then target with focused training – potentially reducing the likelihood of incidents. Dash cams won’t reduce accidents directly, but they can help you prove that your drivers weren’t at fault.

5. Get an insurance expert on your side:

This is the big idea. The specialists in LeasePlan Insurance can help you bring your costs down in a variety of ways:

To find out more about reducing your fleet risk and improving your drivers’ safety please visit our Fleet Risk page here. Fleet Risk Management | LeasePlan | LeasePlan United Kingdom

Published at 26 February 2024
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26 February 2024
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