Transitioning to an electric fleet

As we edge closer to the government’s 2030 deadline that ends the sale of new petrol and diesel cars and vans, more businesses are looking to accelerate their plans to transition to electric.

Read expert advice and information from people and businesses who have already made the transition to see how easy moving to an electric fleet can be.

On this page, you'll find all the tools you need to test and support your decision around EV costs, charging, communications and more.

How LeasePlan can help

When you lease your electric fleet from LeasePlan, you’ll get all the tools and support you need to keep things running smoothly.


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How does leasing an electric car or van work?

Leasing an electric car is an agreement between you or your company and a leasing provider, whereby you pay a monthly set fee to rent a brand-new EV on a long-term basis.

You can typically choose for your lease to last between two to four years. At the end of your lease, you can hand the car back to the leasing company and set up a new contract on a new vehicle. Or, if you’ve kept the vehicle in a good condition and stuck to your annual mileage cap, you can walk away with nothing more to pay.


Why choose an electric vehicle?

Running an electric fleet from 2030 will be the norm. Electric vehicles can help you meet your environmental targets, offer lower running costs and reduce emissions.

The UK government has also announced that from 2030 you won’t be able to buy a new petrol or diesel car or van.

Transitioning to an electric fleet introduces a range of benefits for your business and drivers:

  • Running costs are much lower, meaning the whole life cost of each vehicle is less – even if upfront costs of EVs may seem higher.
  • Your fleet will cut its emissions sooner, so you can run a greener, more sustainable business.
  • Your vehicles will be able to travel freely in newly formed Clean Air Zones and expanded Ultra Low Emission Zones.
  • Drivers have time to understand this new technology, from charging to driving best practice.
  • You’ll be at the front of the queue for workplace charging infrastructure.

The earlier you switch, the sooner you’ll start to reap these benefit.

What electric and hybrid vehicles are there?

At LeasePlan, we offer a wide range of electric and hybrid vehicles to private individuals and businesses. Browse our full range to see all our options or search for a specific vehicle that meets your needs.

SME looking to switch to EV (under 25 vehicles)?

See our electric car and van leasing deals

Looking for a private electric car lease?

See our electric car personal lease deals

Large fleet looking for new electric vehicles?

See our best new electric cars and vans for 2021

Not sure what you need?

From EV Salary Sacrifice to Flexible EV hire, browse our range of EV options to find one that suits you.


Why LeasePlan?

  • Get your workplace and home charging infrastructure off the ground with the option to include a charge point in leasing contract.
  • Manage everything from finance, maintenance and charging in one place, thanks to our all-inclusive packages.
  • Select from a wide range of electric vehicles available at competitive prices to suit your fleet needs and budget.
  • Receive constant support from your dedicated account management team, who take the time to understand you and your business.
  • Keep your fleet in top condition with ongoing maintenance, servicing and expertise.
  • Access the help you need, when you need it, from our dedicated EV Help Desk.
  • Receive independent expert advice from our Consultancy Services team helping you work through the pros and cons for your business.

What do I need to know about running an electric fleet?

As a founding member of EV100 and GreenFleet Award winner 2018, 2019 and Highly Commended 2020, we like to consider ourselves as experts on all things EV. Our team will work closely with you to share knowledge and best practice advice, helping you make the right decision for your business.

We understand the challenges involved in transitioning to EVs from petrol and diesel thanks to our own experience moving all our car fleet to electric. Our expert team have developed a range of tools and insightful content to help fleet managers and drivers transitioning to an electric fleet. 

Browse our range of specialist EV articles on our Insights blog, where you'll find information on:

Electric Moments

''When people switch to electric – they don’t look back''

Electric Moments from LeasePlan and Fully Charged +Simplifying the switch to an electric vehicle

Watch our Electric Moments YouTube series with Fully Charged – our YouTube show all about electric driving presented by former Scrapheap Challenge host and Red Dwarf star, Robert Llewellyn. It covers everything drivers and fleet managers need to know, including:

  • Life with an electric car
  • Making the most of taxation benefits
  • Electric vehicle charging
  • Uncovering savings of electric vehicles

Interested in electric?

Build a business case by testing electric cars and vans on your fleet through our short-medium term rental product, LeasePlan Flexible.

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Ready to switch to EV?

Assess how ready your business is to start using electric vehicles. Use our EV Readiness tool for a step-by-step guide to transitioning your fleet. We also have many more EV tools and guides to help on your journey.


Do you have tools to help me switch?

Discover a range of tools to support drivers and fleet managers transitioning to EV.

What is Salary Sacrifice for electric vehicles?

Salary sacrifice schemes are often one of the most cost-effective ways to drive an electric car. They’re a popular option to help your employees get behind the wheel of an EV. Electric vehicle salary sacrifice schemes let your employees pay for an electric car each month using their gross salary – before tax and other contributions are deducted.

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Is your business EV ready?

Switching to an EV fleet isn’t an overnight process. It takes planning and effective management to make sure everything is in place at the right time.

Every fleet and business are different, so a tailored approach helps. Whether you’re UK based or operate international fleets from a UK headquarters, our consultancy team are on hand to support customers with their Electric Vehicle strategy.

Start your journey towards net zero with a tailored EV fleet strategy for your business. Try our EV readiness tool today.

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