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ALD | LP Commercial Vehicle Whitepaper

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In today's world, having comprehensive insights into your fleet's performance is vital. At ALD Automotive | LeasePlan, we recognise the value of data and insights in transforming fleet operations. In the UK, our fleet of over 300,000 cars and vans provides us with unparalleled visibility into the real-world vehicle performance.
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Why this matters now

Fleet electrification, supply chain challenges, and service, repair, and maintenance lead times increasing have led to a perfect storm for fleets, with commercial vehicle fleet operators often seeing the biggest impact. Our latest whitepaper from ALD | LeasePlan Consultancy ‘Driving Efficiency Through Data’ delves into how by modelling vehicle data in detail we can help to identify opportunities for electrification – as well as minimise downtime.

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Discover how our Consultancy Team and Tools can help you navigate the complexities of fleet management with data-driven insights.

Published at 31 May 2024
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31 May 2024
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