Essential guide: Fleet Funding and Taxation

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Download the 2023/24 Comprehensive Guide to fleet funding and taxation from LeasePlan UK. The report produced by LeasePlan UK Consultancy Services, includes analysis, insights and more. Download today.
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LeasePlan’s 2023/24 Comprehensive Guide to fleet funding and taxation

We are pleased to publish our annual guide to fleet funding and taxation. This guide is designed to be an easy-to-follow explanation of how the UK's tax system affects company vehicles in areas ranging from fleet, to finance to HR and benefits. We understand that the provision of car scheme arrangements can be a complex area to understand with significant implications for cost, employee engagement, environmental footprint, and administration. As a result, it is an area that organisations will want to get right.

Packed full of useful information and examples, our guide prepared by LeasePlan Consultancy Services with final review from Deloitte, is designed to help you to improve the way you manage, maintain and run your fleet through better financial planning.

We hope you find this guide a useful reference and if you have any questions, please contact your LeasePlan Account Manager or reach out to a member of the LeasePlan Consultancy Services Team who will be happy to help.

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Published at 21 March 2023
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21 March 2023
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