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While there's a lot of interest in electric cars right now - and the environmental benefits are widely recognised - many people don't know very much about what these vehicles offer or how they work.
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This might be because although electric cars have been around in some form for a very long time - in the late 1800s and early 1900s, electric was the preferred option for car engines - the recent rise in popularity and improvements in the technology have happened very quickly. While it would have been easy to miss, given everything else that was happening, electric car sales overtook petrol and diesel sales last year.

Understanding the barriers

We want to encourage more people to make the switch, so we carried out research into the barriers facing drivers and businesses - and the results have become the basis of a major new campaign.

We've called it electric moments, because it celebrates the 'lightbulb' moments when people realise the benefits of electric cars or discover that something they were worried about isn't really an issue after all.

Our research findings

So, what are some of the things we found out? For a start, there's the distance electric cars can travel. It was reassuring to see that many drivers are realising these cars can go a lot further on a single charge. However, the 'range anxiety' that people used to have is being replaced by 'charge anxiety' - even though there are far more charging points these days as well.

Electric cars are also seen as more complex, but in some ways they're actually more straightforward. They have, on average, 20 moving parts compared with 2,000 moving parts in a petrol or diesel vehicle. That said, people do have lots of questions about them. Our research revealed that people want to know about everything from where they can charge and if it's safe to charge in the rain to how does leasing work and do you get the car and battery together.

Information and guidance

To answer all these questions and help people experience their own electric moments, we've created a new content hub on our insights website. You'll find FAQs, charging guides, vehicle guides and an EV Readiness Survey for businesses that provides personalised results and roadmap of recommendations.

There's also a selection of tools, including our electric vehicle tools for cars and vans, a cost per mile calculator and one that helps people work out if they can have a charging point at home.

If you're a large or international business and are thinking of making the switch to electric, visit our Electric Moments page for more information.

If you're a small to medium sized business - or just looking for yourself - and are ready to make the switch, you can discover our best EV offers now.

Real people talking about their reasons for switching

On top of this, we've worked with FullyCharged to create a series of short videos featuring real people talking about their experiences of switching to electric cars. By highlighting these drivers' personal lightbulb moments, we want to explore the benefits of electric cars, without the hard sell.

In fact, that's the main goal of the whole campaign. Our aim is to provide unbiased information about electric vehicles, so people can make the right decision for them and their lifestyles, without any pressure.

Published at 23 November 2021
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23 November 2021
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