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How to protect your van from thieves

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Security should be a priority for any fleets, but it’s especially important for commercial vehicles. Here are some top tips to keep your vans – and their contents – safe.
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Vans are the backbone of many businesses, but they often contain valuable equipment that makes them a magnet for thieves. Research by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles suggests vans carrying, on average, £2,500 of worth of tools – usually essential for drivers’ jobs. By disrupting their day-to-day work for an average of six days, the company claims break-ins cost British businesses a combined £5.2bn per year.

Security is something no commercial vehicle fleet can afford to overlook – and there’s a much wider range of considerations than for passenger cars. The most determined thieves will find a way to get what they want, but there are steps you can take to slow them down and deter the opportunists. Here’s how.

How do you compare security features for new vans?

A secure fleet begins with selecting the right vehicles, so it pays to do your research. Insurance ratings are a good starting point, as they include a suffix (a letter) indicating the level of factory-fitted security features. Vehicles with a rating ending with an ‘E’ have gone above and beyond, and this should be reflected by lower premiums.

Brochures and manufacturer websites are also a useful way to compare standard equipment. Depending on what you’re carrying, it’s often worth paying extra for options or a better-equipped vehicle to keep your business on the road.

What can fleets do to make their vans more secure?

Van fleets are incredibly varied, so there’s a long list of factory-fitted and aftermarket security equipment to give operators peace of mind.

What can drivers do to avoid break-ins?

Your drivers are perhaps the most important security measure of all. Briefing them about good habits, or incentivising those who don’t suffer a loss during the year, is cheaper and more time-efficient than ending up with vehicles off the road. Here are some tips:

What should you do if your vehicle is stolen?

If the worst happens, don’t panic. Contact your local police station (dial 101) with your van’s registration number, make, model and colour to hand. They will give you a crime reference number and notify the DVLA about the theft, including if the vehicle is recovered.

Once the police have been informed, you’ll need to pass your crime reference number on to your insurance company to begin the claims process. If the vehicle is leased through LeasePlan, then our customer service team can also guide you through the next steps.

Published at 20 October 2023
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20 October 2023
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