A busy summer for Britain's roads

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Recent RAC research suggests that many more people will be staying in the UK for their holidays this year. While this is perhaps unsurprising, given how quickly the rules can change for travelling overseas, the research also suggested that people are willing to drive much further in the UK than usual.
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More than half are planning to go over 150 miles from their homes on holiday and nearly a fifth are looking at journeys over 300 miles - plus one in ten holiday trips will involve a caravan or motorhome. This could continue into September too, as it sounds like many people are planning holidays once the schools go back.

At the same time, evidence suggests that a lot of drivers will be using their cars for other journeys too, as many people are still uncomfortable with public transport while the pandemic is going on.

This could mean far higher levels of traffic on the roads this summer and we encourage fleets to make plans ahead of time. We have some ideas for summer driving in our recent Driving Insights newsletter.

Published at 28 July 2021
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28 July 2021
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