New enforcement for smart motorways

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Red 'X' - means that drivers caught on camera who ignore a red 'x' on smart motorways will automatically receive a £100 fixed penalty notice and three penalty points.

The red 'x' on a smart motorway indicates the lane ahead is closed as there may have been an accident. Ignoring the sign may prevent emergency vehicles reaching an incident - or endanger the lives of someone stranded or working to recover a vehicle in the lane.

According to a recent survey from the RAC, a fifth of drivers admitted to ignoring red 'x' signs - and figures from Highways England seem to back this up. 180,000 warning letters having been issued to drivers who've ignored the signs on the 300+ miles of smart motorway since 2017.

Using smart motorways

Here are some useful tips for using a smart motorway from the website:

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Published at 20 June 2019
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20 June 2019
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