Atos develops electric vehicle transition case

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LeasePlan International’s client Atos was looking to reduce their fleet carbon footprint to meet their 2025 corporate sustainability targets. Our International Consultancy team worked with Atos to develop an electric vehicle transition business case and to update their European car policy.
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Client Profile:

Atos is a global leader in digital transformation with 110,000 employees and annual revenue of - 12 billion.

As a leading IT Consultancy company they have approximately 5,000 vehicles in Europe across 14 countries.


Reduce emissions from fleet significantly, in line with the client's corporate strategy.


Analyse the fleet in 14 European Union countries to identify where electric vehicles can be introduced cost-neutrally and update car policies in these countries

LeasePlan Consultancy's Process

1. Data driven insights

Provided an industry benchmark comparing client fleet to industry peers on key metrics, split by country.

2. Detailed fleet analysis

Gathered all relevant local business requirements and fleet details to ensure an accurate fleet analysis

3. Understanding Total Cost of Ownership

Collected pricing data from each country and compared TCOs for comparable vehicles within each segment

4. People, Planet, Profit

Based on TCO analysis, developed a number of scenarios which meet the strategic goals of people, planet and profit

5. EV Policy

Updated the policy to include all EV relevant topics and embedded the final selection of OEMs per country


You can find out more about LeasePlan's International Consultancy approach here

Published at 16 May 2021
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16 May 2021
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