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Fleet optimisation tailored to your fleet

LeasePlan’s International Consultancy Services help international fleet owners navigate the rapidly changing fleet and mobility landscape. Our team consists of experts with years of experience in both the automotive and financial sector. We work closely together with our network of international account managers and consultants across the globe to maximise our value creation.

How we can help

We offer consultancy on two levels:

  • Sharing insights: everything we do is based on our knowledge of the latest leasing and mobility trends. We share our knowledge through white papers which you can find on our key insights
  • Providing fleet advice: we work with you to adapt the best of our knowledge and most valuable insights to create customised solutions and policies for your most pressing fleet and mobility challenges, including:

Key insights library

All resources in one place to support you with what's next for you and your business.  Get unique insights into key international fleet management topics, trends and best practices. Use the knowledge to improve fleet efficiency, reduce costs and better manage the risk of running your fleet of vehicles.

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Benefit from tailored consultancy services

Benchmark services

Find out how your company is performing against industry peers on key metrics:

  • OEM and make breakdown
  • Average contract term and mileage
  • Average CO₂ and fuel mix

Industry and client-specific reports for you to make more strategic and financial fleet management decisions!

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Fleet optimisation process

Benefit from benchmark data and comprehensive analysis of your current fleet. Get advice on the right vehicles to select for your fleet at the best value for money!

LeasePlan Consultancy works together with you to optimise your fleet policy, conducts an OEM tender on your behalf and proposes opportunities for fleet management optimisation.

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EV readiness & implementation

When is the right time to go electric? What is the impact for your fleet and where to start?

LeasePlan Consultancy Services help you transition your company fleet to electric vehicles, with minimum disruption for your operations.

Discover the impact EV can have on your business and make the switch to a greener fleet today.

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