Long-term Rental (LeasePlan Flexible)

For business customers who need a hire vehicle from 3 months to 2 years

LeasePlan Flexible gives you access to a full range of EVs, plug-in hybrids and petrol/diesel cars, as well as a selection of vans for any period between 84 days and 2 years. You can compare and select specific vehicles, and change your fleet as required – whether that’s to provide a short-term boost while you bring in contractors or new employees or reduce it as the business needs.

Sometimes you need flexibility because…


New starter / Contractor

You hired a new employee or someone on a temporary contract


Short-term project

There’s a project for a short time or with an unknown duration


Seasonal workload

There’s seasonality in your workload, so you don’t need the vehicles all the time


Lead-in vehicle

You need a stop-gap vehicle while you wait for your company vehicle

Long-term Rental hire (LeasePlan Flexible)

Our flexible rental product offers you access to a full range of EV, Plug-in and petrol/diesel cars as well as a selection of vans with the ability to compare and select specific vehicles. Available for any period between 84 days and 2 years.

Flexibility and

Flexibility and electrification in fleets is more important than ever and it can save you money.

What to do next

  1. Speak to an expert

    Fill out the enquiry form on our website and one of our experts will go through your enquiry with you to make sure our service is what you need

  2. Complete a business credit check

    We just have to double-check your finances before we go any further

  3. Receive and complete your contract

    Please review everything, sign it and send it back to us

  4. Your rental account is processed

    Before you can reserve cars and vans throughout the UK, please give us a few days to process your account.

  5. Start making rentals

    You'll find everything you need on our secure booking website and you can reserve, extend or off hire vehicles at any time.

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