A better way to meet your medium-term fleet requirements

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The current leasing market seems pretty straightforward. You have daily hire for your short-term needs and contracts for the long-term stuff. It's easy to understand and from a distance it seems to work pretty well.
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But it actually hides a significant problem. What do you do if you need a car or van for a few months?

Specific business challenges

You might have a half-year delay on a new car thanks to WLTP, for example, or a sudden rush of new hires that means you need stop-gap vans for several months. Or maybe you need to keep your drivers moving, but don't want commitments until you see how Brexit works out.

In this situation, you may feel that you have to pay the price of daily hire, which can really add up after a while. It can also become frustrating with the quality of the vehicles and frequent exchanges. Alternatively, you may go for a contract and keep your fingers crossed that you can find other ways to use the vehicle down the line.

A straightforward new solution - LeasePlan Flexible 

There is now a new option from LeasePlan that is specifically designed to support these requirements - LeasePlan Flexible.

You can go from contacting us to having a suitable vehicle on your premises in just two days. After that, the minimum time you have to keep it is just three months, but you are free to have it for as long as you want.

A promise about quality

What's more, we can ensure that all the vehicles you get are within a small pre-approved selection even if you have offices around the country. This is something that daily hire may struggle with, but it can help ensure you don't have any arguments about who gets what - and it may streamline your administration too.

On top of that, every car and van will come with satnav (so your drivers know where they're going), aircon (so they travel in comfort), Bluetooth (for safety) and rear parking sensors (to limit damage). With vans, we can also accommodate requests such as chapter 8 and racking.

And a promise about returns

We even take some of the hassle out of returning your car, with our refurb promise. We understand that even the best drivers can pick up dings and dents, so we don't charge for refurbishment if the total cost is £500 or less.

In addition, all the evaluation and assessment of possible work is carried out by highly regarded independent experts. It means we might save you a bit of money. And we'll definitely give you some peace of mind.

It's a better way to keep your drivers on the road for anything from three months to two years. And it gives you lease quality without the long-term commitment.

Get in touch

To find out more about LeasePlan Flexible speak to your Account Manager or email our friendly team at

Published at 26 March 2019
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26 March 2019
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