Webinar: International Fleet Management

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Discover the benefits of international fleet management
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In our latest webinar, LeasePlan International's Helen Gaskill and Steph Brown explore some of the key themes associated with the move to an international fleet set-up. These include:

  • Defining the primary objective of fleet policy
  • The advantages of international fleet management
  • Main considerations for fleet managers
  • The importance of sustainability in an international fleet policy
  • How LeasePlan can help

"Working with a leasing company that has a global reach can bring greater connectivity, greater collaboration and a more unified purpose and solution" Helen Gaskill, LeasePlan International

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For expert support and advice about your company's international fleet arrangements, please speak to a member of our team on 01753 802448 or email

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Discover the benefits of International Fleet Management with LeasePlan in our latest video

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Published at 31 January 2020
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31 January 2020
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