The importance of budgeting and fleet benchmarking

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Now the end of year is approaching your attention might well be turned to planning your fleet budgets, targets and strategies for next year - and for that you'll need to know the current costs relating running your organisation's cars and vans.
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The numbers you need to know

If you own your company vehicles, you'll need to consider;

If you lease your company vehicles you'll know that it's not just about your fixed monthly rental costs. You'll need to look at the variable costs of running a fleet;

Benchmark against your industry peers

We can help you analyse key fleet costs and compare your fleet performance against your peers fleets. Our consultancy team have conducted extensive benchmarking across key industry sectors to identify some of the key areas of cost savings and areas to improve a fleet's performance.

Explore our Consultancy Benchmarks

Interested in a tailored benchmark of your fleet vs your industry?

Our team of experts is happy to answer your questions. Please get in touch with our consultancy team for more information.

* Source: LeasePlan estimates £743 per day - Interview Mark Lovett Head of Commercial Vehicles£

Published at 17 December 2020
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17 December 2020
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