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It's a difficult time to be a fleet manager...
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Who would want to be a fleet manager at the moment? They face three main issues that present very different challenges - WLTP, Brexit and the ULEZ. Each compounds the problem, leaving many fleet managers sitting tight to weather the storm. However, there's a danger this could be making the situation worse.

Plans for no vans

WLTP meant there was limited availability for many cars at the end of 2018 and into 2019. Vans are now facing the same problem.

This leaves fleet managers stuck between a rock and a hard place, as you either have to extend current contracts and face expensive maintenance bills or bite the bullet and opt for something that is available sooner, but may not suit you perfectly.

A very British problem

Brexit then compounds the situation further, as it's hard to make long-term plans for a business when no-one (including the Government, it seems) knows what is going to happen next with the country.

Brexit - deal or no deal - would have very different implications for some companies - and taking on a financial commitment before the picture becomes clear could prove a mistake.

If your order is affected by a no-deal Brexit, an additional 10.2% tariff could be added. With VAT, it's closer to 12%. We already know that manufacturers are unlikely to absorb these charges. They may also move product to Europe to avoid them, which could make things worse for vehicle availability.

Clearing the air - and counting the cost

Finally, to the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ). If you need to drive in London (or in other key locations that have low emissions zones) and you don't have the latest vehicles, your costs are about to go up - potentially significantly.

Driving a four-year-old van into London could cost potentially you £12.50 per day. Do it seven days a week and you'll be facing a monthly bill of £250.00 or £3000 per year - and that's on top of the congestion charge.

A straightforward new solution - LeasePlan Flexible

The good news is that while there may be different challenges, they all have the same solution - LeasePlan Flexible.

You can go from contacting us to having a suitable vehicle on your premises in just two days. After that, the minimum time you have to keep it is just three months, but you are free to have it for as long as you want.

It means you can get vehicles to keep your business moving until WLTP issues are resolved and you can develop your fleet without commitment, so Brexit is less of a challenge. You can also get cars and vans right now that meet the latest requirements and won't trigger the ULEZ, so you have time to carry out a gradual update of your fleet.

A promise about quality

At the same time, we can ensure that all the vehicles you get are within a small pre-approved selection even if you have offices around the country. This is something that daily hire may struggle with, but it can help ensure you don't have any arguments about who gets what - and it may streamline your administration too.

On top of that, every car and van will come with satnav (so your drivers know where they're going), aircon (so they travel in comfort), Bluetooth (for safety) and rear parking sensors (to limit damage). With vans, we can also accommodate requests such as chapter 8 and racking.

And a promise about returns

We even take some of the hassle out of returning your LeasePlan vehicle, with our refurb promise. We understand that even the best drivers can pick up dings and scuffs, so we don't charge for refurbishment if the total cost is £500 or less.

In addition, all the evaluation and assessment of possible work is carried out by highly regarded independent experts. It means we might save you a bit of money. And we'll definitely give you some peace of mind.

It's a better way to keep your drivers on the road for anything from three months to two years. And it gives you lease quality without the long-term commitment.

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To find out more about LeasePlan Flexible speak to your Account Manager or email our friendly team at

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Published at 29 May 2019
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29 May 2019
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